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  • 00:00: hello in our video lesson today is a simple and easy way to to make beautiful pieces with a neckline ong crochet super trend in footbridge inspired by the gypsy fashion 1970s the little model leaves the shoulders on display and won the known for being a democratic neckline because it well in women of all ages executives the neckline shoulder to shoulder is successful guaranteed next season continues watching that I'm going to teach you today
  • 00:31: Lovely talking or crochet shoulder enjoy and already delivered on the channel [Music] let's use a government had the key needle for crochet 2.0 scissors tape elastic metric of 0 5 centimeter or elastic round if you prefer line
  • 01:01: and needle for sewing [Music] plastic of your shoulder and see the amount that needs to hurry not always is usually 90 centimeters are already good size two centimeters to make the stitching the ends cutting the ends in the correct extent the
  • 01:31: point to the other and sew take care that they stay well together and volume the less you stop Sewing is best to get the job done. make sure that this posture also reinforced rubber band is the time to start assembly of our part properly said start giving one so on the line and now let's start by doing is
  • 02:06: covering the entire elastic with a stitch very low do not worry too much about counting points right now now the most important thing is to make points stay close together and not appear in the elastic Wow, I was forgetting right here. important that you have a mouse in the end of the line well at the beginning of our work to keep it from releasing let's go now if we will continue let's go
  • 02:39: fill the full stretch of elastic using the lowest point and that little dots left over work so that they are prevents wires and gives a more perfect finish saying that at this moment putting the Kisses then this is the secret of the house also neat and loop does not appear if you do not have one elastic from the same other dream Ok, let's go then [Music]
  • 03:10: I was for you that was easy. so we're going to do all this optical conference with them that point very low keeping him always tightening and preventing the elastic get twisted so let's go and I confess that this Part is my favorite, let's not go do [Music] we finish the first part of our
  • 03:49: word the UN also very low point Now we're going to send a tip in the another with a little blind spot and now let's do I saw with a chain here is a detail that is optional but I believe that makes all the difference at work wants to make the next fair a low point the lowest point it was released here if you do I want to, but I think it's cool. here people notice that you do not need
  • 04:21: make a dot two side by side when you jump one point and another because what we did the first well Justinho career for not showing up elastic then if you think that it will get very shrunken they will jump a few stitches to this will not affect the end result of our work [Music] Let's finish the race the second
  • 05:09: all fair on low Ok lets do [Music] then we finish the second career with a very low point Let's make an amendment joining the first to the last point of the career There we will climb 13 more chains. one and we will give space of two points very low and a high point two points two chains
  • 05:40: The line always locks people, come on. the high point two chains leave a space of two lows the high point and we 'll do it until the end of our career important detail here is also Optional I think it gets a legal finishing regardless of point fantasy that you will use to make the piece
  • 06:12: so I always start talking shoulder to shoulder this way So let's keep doing the whole thing. career with two chains one point high two chains a high point until close the loop here I already know you're going to ask me How many squares are you in that? nasa career Good people, I do not know that I do not know. that the point that I'm going to use is divisible by four then there in the end I have to fit in the number of squares that early divisible by
  • 06:43: four key [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we have one more career completed this our third career and so far people will always be like that will change regardless of which point you will make the fantasy point that
  • 07:13: you will choose Okay, so let's finish it. joining the first to the last point one extremely low point My work here finalized a total of My Photo I mean these little dolls that are there to so let's get to the point itself the point that I chose as I spoke it lived for four let's start we started the career as 3 we jumped a little square
  • 07:43: let's make five high points within the square 2345 [Music] It's now we're going to make three more here it is already there two three and we'll put on top of the
  • 08:20: next high point of this two way three four five chains and let's put a low point on the next high point and two three chains and Let's go in the next square, 15 points high 2 3 4 and 5 and we will repeat this process until the
  • 08:57: end of work goes the three chains lines at the next high point a beautiful with very low point 5 chains next high point is very low and the work and it's going to be this our scheme until the end of this career is easy, right?
  • 09:28: [Music] career there at the bottom tip about a little square happens is for that's what we're going to lose our job Let's make a little secret that is a little trick psb decided to hammer a nail on the wall
  • 10:02: now my job who never even little chains so let upload 13 correntinha we analyzed there with So, four, let's start a career. from garbage in three streams but a current near point one point high up a chain line we set up a current a high point a current a
  • 10:34: high point is this Now let's do a two three Let's go to that one. the middle point of five reminds So three more chains and let's go. start at next range high point high point a chain a high point a chain high point a chain point current
  • 11:08: we conclude with 5 the same amount of points we had in down upon we have the same thing but separated by a chain now three more and let's go to that blip middle that way the competitors and we will continue to thus making the work bar and will be like this until you finish [Music] just this career ended
  • 11:47: let's go, let's go, let's go climb with three chains and this time we'll add two more My chains, let's do it there. next high point two more very high currents plus two current highlight two more chains and this time we're going to put a
  • 12:18: another next June in a and we'll repeat that one. process by the end of this career reminding you that all the graphics will be there in the paint 'this I'll leave the address here for you. also in the information box and will be the post there on the blog with the details of this recipe from that point
  • 12:51: This is a suggestion from point to point. You have more options there in the interest and never on the blog I'll leave [Music] we end the era our speech begins to take a look Look how it's doing then come on then let's go to the
  • 13:21: next career in this career in space because it's all sharp there so let's always interleave in space a high point and doing the next Hight point Let's do this until the end of career the high point [Music]
  • 13:51: Do not even own that video is getting a little long on the so let's go let's go give a break here because from here to front there is no mystery we go repeating the recipe until you reach the length you deem necessary The work you're doing. This is finished now let's do the finish for this finish is well simple you'll get on the next
  • 14:24: square dad was kneaded strip two leave a needle strip 2 strip leave the needle strip in two leaves needle and then pull it all together like this. 1234 little chains and let's go again thrown two stripes leave in the needle launched take two left 1 released take two then were all together and 4 and will repeat this process that last lap just to make the
  • 14:55: which is also the criterion if want to do with another point that also uses your creativity continues to do there to mend a fan in the other more straight and needs a little chain like You saw that word very easy. to do the idea of this video today was show the technique and has several points very cool that I left apart there at the end it seems like I'm leaving here in the description box the link for you
  • 15:26: go and have a look and see some point had grade because it will give to do a lot of things this summer are coming to the end of our first videoula will be very much that you Did you like that I did it for long? especially for you now you already know how to make the blade crochet shoulder and I'll be back soon showing how the continuity for make sweaters and dresses from collar shoulder
  • 15:56: and before I forget, please do not forget to let Jorge go Enroll in the activation channel buildings and share with the friends tabom injury and until the next video for this christmas [Music] [Music]
  • 16:28: [Music]