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  • 00:00: Hello today, I'm doing a scrub mask for hands I do not go to salons and I do not do manicure but I think that many women live faithfully also katia and how we all care for the hands in home conditions I never cut the cuticles and now I'll show you what I'm doing to make her I did not grow one time they wood or once a day I make a mask scrat which consists of soda and salt Salt or ordinary rock salt up to
  • 00:31: or sea salt is the sea ranks shirt and foam for washing or gel for washing or you can take the usual soap then water salt I grind a coffee grinder pen as a flour yes very finely this is an ordinary salt and this is sea salt I Also I chopped it now I take it equal quantity but I take the usual salt
  • 01:05: take a man's shu permissible 2 tablespoons of salt and I take two tablespoons of soda, that is, proportions one to one is the blood bank one to one and two tablespoons of soda stirred then added
  • 01:39: up on carry take foam foam just a more liquid substance for I add one spoon to the second and third transportation and all this is mixed good and mixed this mass is obtained as sour cream good
  • 02:10: sour cream well before the store light us but they mix well when I mixed it all a and I put my hands on my fingers mean see this mask it is very good not only for Kutyakov to be
  • 02:41: soft and easy I her like a father of his frets but this is a mask and all is well for hand let's say there is form of the dawn of the brain is even from wedding ring so here it is applied this mask I need to put and on a palm and us all hand and even above because it is a whitening mask but for dry skin of course at not very good The poso of the mouse on the track will be rather dry and
  • 03:12: can add olive oil but I never add skin I'm certainly not fatty water I applied to which the handers layer yes i am starting admitted thumbs up and how I I process the cuticle, that is, like this handles like butter make you see this is every finger you can with someone
  • 03:44: You can watch TV and to do such a small bit of it movement and so every finger I handle seeing it pretty a pleasant procedure of a kind of massage There is no need to apply any effort and paying attention to the hand so because
  • 04:17: that here can be smeared who digs the potatoes themselves will drip to plant the annoying spool saddle then of course yes she did not think so said sorry of course without gloves then you will be good and here on the designer there it as it is possible as though would i have my hands before A good screen and spotted skrabik if you do this mask scrat then you will understand
  • 04:49: that living in the world is very good even very pleasant pleasant minutes and we can present ourselves these minutes if you have pigment spots that this masochka it is bleaching so the speck will become less noticeable and maybe even disappeared but I do not practically have them it is seen
  • 05:20: 5 then if there are such rare hairs up to put a mask yes on an elbow and gradually see that the hair stopped growing but the chicken video I'm making about how to soften and remove the cuticle, then all attention on this area up to fingers began to erase how many keep such a masochku minutes 10-15
  • 05:51: how often do but not more than once in a week because here is salt soda mask such an aggressive mass of the clock therefore It is necessary to do both cautiously and especially so not to rub it, but that's what we were going to general, too, they can be applied I'll tell you and not only on the hands but also our body and legs whoever wants to mean means all attention because it's all nice and how it's all
  • 06:23: and would sit like that for hours on end. I cut off for talking before I recover spoke to told for probably a lot of what we told each other do not be lazy every finger you can
  • 06:53: process and after ten minutes I need to wash my hands for 10 minutes and I I'll go wash hands my hands just under such lukewarm tap water lapped hands washed by wiping with a towel so check my fingers javachess large show What did you saw the sensations are very pleasant very nice and smooth skin all youth
  • 07:24: My dear ones are by leaps and bounds, and by the hour so dry handles you see everything is neat All is well then I put or render a cream here and if at night, you can apply the cream and wear yet Glove cream on the handle I put you guys are younger, I wish everyone
  • 07:59: good health is a must there was health and that you do not have the main thing was that the handles did not get burned 7 I congratulate you on the occasion Bergman and the case and let it be you all very very good fun joyful great