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Depart from a table! Such PANCAKES "переплюнут" any cake  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello, welcome you to our channel I suggest you cook a curd poppy pancakes crumb so that's what we need need for a test 300 milliliters milk and three eggs 3 tablespoons flour mog one and half teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoonful spoon salt pinch and two tablespoons of vegetable oil for filling 300 grams of cottage cheese any fat content two tablespoons of sour cream 4
  • 00:31: tablespoons of sugar turmeric it 4 teaspoons of zest 1 lemon raisins 3 tablespoons frying pan with a diameter of 22 centimeters proceed Wash the magician and pour boil water for 15 minutes to drain the water max lightly dry with a tissue mixer mix all the ingredients for pancakes bake in a heated frying pan without I lubricate the oils for the first pancake only on one side
  • 01:02: put on a plate of fried side up pancakes with We cut into 4 pieces for the filling cottage cheese we rub through a sieve we add all other ingredients on a wide part of pancake lay half a teaspoon filling and folding the envelope tuck me in the form is lubricated with butter and way our pancakes from above lay out the pieces of butter we put preheated to 190 beauty oven for 20
  • 01:34: minutes, then watered with boring milk and leave the oven for another 15 minutes. all blylic are ready I wish you a pleasant meal of this appetite subscribe our channel click bell and do not forget to go Our site is instagram and facebook link description before the meeting on our channel [music] [music]