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  • 00:00: so here's what we did so rasshivku I did not become a torment you by this see how we did very quickly at me seams I have here you are here they are made 08 all that's 08 to make them decay, but here we are a little bit to grow 0 a little more they turned out here 08 yarosh it I'm here vertical seams I expand a dozen then there is a dozen and all the way to the stop it
  • 00:32: for what he did to me then was cross-hair there were not here these here ablaev further I took again to show you show So he tore avka this derive how I chose here so what that is, the ran up the string upwards well quickly do it quickly then down all then I do not take anything second which did not receive fucking jointing 3 Here's a brush and here's a sheva now I'm
  • 01:02: I walked here and so I rub it Here you wipe the shevchik pancake heavy and camera do not clean all differs here is such a mistake and the side to look at it is first even then there is a depth to its depth as it shows The depth of words are all the same and a verst exactly and good that is club is the same nation that is me no more festivities again want to draw your attention to the stretching of the thread ie
  • 01:33: the counterweight and must be sure to they are so well I want to put more video next video I'll post as painted over to there I I'll be this inner verst internal crease to silicate