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  • 00:00: [music] Hello to all on my channel in today's video I will cook very fast and tasty breakfast which can be cooked in a couple of minutes if you are interested to see such a video recipe stay with me and all the pleasant viewing for this do not need 3 chicken eggs 4 5 tablespoons of milk about 50 grams any sausage or meat 20 or 30 grams raw cheese raw materials on black for large Grater one small tomato I cut
  • 00:31: dices and greens I have now prepared for omelet for this mine, a crush just like this I beat eggs a little bit from the egg. already according to your taste a little salt when you look a little bit to add milk and mix well with well heated frying pan send egg
  • 01:02: mixture and leave it all for a couple of minutes before preparing an omelette prepare for me on average fire when the omelet is cooked I spread it on him sausage tomatoes and greens here so in the center lay out all the ingredients [music] sprinkle all the abundantly raw cheese of course
  • 01:53: to taste if you like not very brazenly Cheese can be set less if a lot is I can put more of it so well sprinkled all wet and now we cover here this stuffing with the side of the scrambled eggs here so take the side and cover stuffing and so from this side
  • 02:27: I got this kind of roll I Now I cover it with a lid and leave it about three to four minutes for to melt the cheese here is such a fast a simple breakfast is already ready. I drop it with vegetables and herbs You can put any vegetables on your the taste of such a breakfast is prepared very easily quick and easy I think he'll like it
  • 03:00: very much because it is both useful and I'm ashamed to show you in a section Here is such an omelet is obtained cut still such a little advice from me when you shift such an omelette
  • 03:30: Such a roll from an omelette from a frying pan on dish, then use two scapula because if you are 1 scapula want to shift this steering wheel then he it's easy to burst and it will not be possible to attach it whole here such a recipe for quick and satisfying a delicious breakfast I showed you today try to cook this tomorrow for myself for my family I think you like it but for today, thanks for everything
  • 04:00: attention will soon see everyone and bye bye [music]