Modeling of a sleeve with assembly on an okata  See details »

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  • 00:00: good day with you elena colisnichenko continue our lessons Today we model short sleeve with assembly on the pellet here example such a wonderful pluck and on him such a sleeve today we model we design lines on which we will cut our hands for modeling 1 line of embroidered kyoko then the second line perpendicular the first
  • 00:30: before crossing into one and in the other direction from above the point of OKATO two and a half centimeter I still have a secession this scream in scale is we at eye near vova two with half a centimeter in one another you can and we plan two more lines to the same point g and 2 and cut this
  • 01:03: without cutting a line 1 millimeter to the end and also these three laziness and I am also 1 loan from above is not cutting 1 mm to end to this side cut terribly
  • 01:34: why does the top glue scotch tape if you slightly overripe can for large overdid it slightly this line raise to 45 centimeters 45 centimeters up and these lines extends to 2-3 centimeter
  • 02:05: each line extend it by 23 centimeter between lines and then a smooth line connects your ack from equalize and thus the sleeve with assembled on a pellet on this all up to the new meetings