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  • 00:00: so we start to change brake cylinder a here it lies with us the first thing we need the first is necessary put the car on speed and our wheels under our wheels put so to speak bricks so that it does not go anywhere went on to shoot put the wheel on jack and shoot wheel so we took off the wheel now
  • 00:32: unscrew this the assembly that holds we have a cover tea tip for in order to remove this lid on the drum on brakes it is necessary to let go hand lever, that is, take off car with a handbrake because brake pads when they rest against them do not let this cover so now further as we see here us brake cylinder
  • 01:02: new here brake cylinder old if carefully look more quickly he was just sweating brake fluid flowed out so start change it now I I'll show you closer as I I do it that way here it is closer than ours brake cylinder a now we'll see what do we have with reverse side as you can see right here need i already started
  • 01:34: unscrew the nobility one bolt on 10 steeper unscrew the 2 bolts on the 10 everyone herself and actually unscrew here suddenly coat that suitable braking liquid to our the cylinder is also a key on 10 we use here already almost unscrewed we twist here and
  • 02:05: we try to throw out our braking cylinder Here is an old one the cylinder is visible here I thought I was still I will not go back and put a new collect all in fact so same as I now I'll show it all bye bye
  • 02:37: pause the camera is like this should look like cylinder which we installed as you can see need knives must enter here in slots here this is how they should our be brake pads stand and spring is from reverse side the tube is connected
  • 03:08: one is put on rubber such is the rubber cap as a matter of fact before then it is desirable to fill brake fluid and see what to do pumping naturally brakes you look whether something is flowing because the faces The modern spare parts wish for better here well as a matter of fact
  • 03:38: how to collect everything I already you will not tell here nothing complicated then there is the next step after we put the cylinder new brake do the pumping but it's completely different history all good luck