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  • 00:00: Hello to all dear friends with you again earring Here's a little life I want you tell tell pulled in general often during the repair something is forgotten something you want to improve that's how it turned out for me plasterboard ceiling double-deck here and it turned out that I need to hold boilers
  • 00:32: separate cable but the partitions are very a lot and therefore the wire is a simple wire well very very difficult to drag into generally do not need to drill from the entrance here and bring it here under the gypsum plasterboard from walls to piss on the toilet now I'm you show how to do it here I do allowed in the wall drilled from me
  • 01:04: gipsokartonny ceiling already made immediately Did not spend it here here caught in hole in well and here is the most interesting roulette in general irreplaceable Assistant both in measurements and in broach males remember this right now car service The wiring was so stretched to climb you want to go exactly right here, read 3
  • 01:36: he threw a meter as her ribs stiffness and moved caught here finger well see you saw her that she Here everything is elementary more simply Now take a circle we pull here vylazit there uncomfortable just a little bit here she went to great our rides to us everything is simple
  • 02:09: then here are the holes from here, too, future I do not know the wire, probably also with I'm lying on the tape cable all and pull that so that's it, well that's what we got here that's to faith ben shove it must be in the tube in black Without a trace of concealment overturned for plastered socket
  • 02:41: will go for shutting up unimportantly in general guys roulette is a versatile thing in the Internet is a lot of useful advice but here's your + 1 adviser so small than are rich as speaks with that and are glad Serge was known to all as long as