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  • 00:00: all welcome to my channel today we are preparing chocolate gingerbread with you stuff, look how beautiful it turned out sprinkled with sugar powdered [music] saucepan send sugar creamy
  • 00:33: oil honey put on a weak fire or water the bath is constantly stirred until heated to dissolving sugar on low heat when constant stirring dissolved completely sugar send cocoa powder all mixed until homogeneous and remove from the fire but stirred homogeneously
  • 01:05: we remove from the day in sifted flour send baking powder, stir everything in hot sweet mass, add half mix the flour mixture with a whisk bureau they continue with a spoon we send dough in a bowl in which we will knead
  • 01:35: and give time for the dough to cool down at room temperature, break a bowl two eggs and a fork to whisk until smooth send the beaten egg Together or an egg add the remaining flour and continue to knead all the The flour is shifted to 100
  • 02:09: divide into two parts, I will make gingerbread round rolled into a circle 5 mm thick I wrapped the baking paper and greased with vegetable oil shift the workpiece from above lubricate jam of the edge in a circle is not lubricated
  • 02:42: we leave somewhere on the centimeter we cover the second circle of the edge is protected we send gingerbread oven preheated to 180 degrees to middle readiness in my oven when they get ready 25 minutes you can time readiness is checked toothpick
  • 03:13: cool to room temperature from above you can sprinkle with powdered sugar if you need liked the recipe put a husky subscribe to my channel I will be very grateful to you all for now till