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Beetroot soup fast like a Gypsy. Fast food. Gipsy cuisine.

Beetroot soup fast like a Gypsy. Fast food. Gipsy cuisine.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] cook today, well, for this I I need to clean potatoes like see already about 3 kilograms of weight are so light red beet carrot one onion greens what is onions dill petruschka I have everything on a slightly tomato paste a couple spoons you will need oil
  • 00:31: sunflower it's natural for me to be olive and of course if there is a tomato glass or pickle with I have tomatoes if I pickle polstakanchika poured it enough can a glass of fresh tomato or home cooked pepper must fragrant black fashion and at the end salt salt necessarily with a tablespoon of water 2 liters I poured cook I will be Kazanki ska hand prepared we begin all chop the potatoes
  • 01:01: while water will begin to boil potatoes I'll go so big for 12 parts around a little bit on the smaller 8 pieces and so we cut the potatoes oil we send a frying pan approximately gram 150 and so I poured 150 grams of butter vodka finiti cut the ray with semicircles and again I cut a new one and then a long one was on and vulchich entirely too will not be new cut as you like, you can do
  • 01:32: Mix and you can just like me carrot cut into short sticks or you can lose everything on the grater a frying pan heated up send some carrots first as they hardly to fry afterwards beetroot but as long as it's all roasted we we will cut glass I can rub on the grater I'm affinity I'm cutting everything this beetroot therefore in light
  • 02:03: there must be a lot as you see and so cut it with a short straw thin so but we have water boiling now we will send potatoes to boil and beets send a frying pan stew but I I cut the last beetroot so that 's it. We cut the penny now we'll send
  • 02:37: beetroot carrots and to onions will disturb one Once again convinced everyone was roasted and stewed everything is enough that we have received the scent of fried onions already all we now send enough glass one time will disturb and we will not give a little fried and then we will cover cover and put out 10 minutes so that's all the meter left for 5 minutes it is fried and then already
  • 03:09: we will cover Well, we already sent potatoes water boiled and now will leave for five minutes will salsa manage all wait touch and wait until fried and so add about five minutes already fry me it's light and it's potato send a tablespoon of salt in the saucepan was salted with a lid and let's pee for 10 minutes and this time we will cover the beets and put out the same minutes ten all prevented once enough all do not touch the bolted fire or and
  • 03:40: diminished burner and put out 10 minutes passed 10 minutes open look what we got here is the legacy of the stew and fried perfectly everything now add two tablespoons of tomato paste and all this Now we pasted together with pasta giros minutes not departing from the cash register of prisons and stir then our tomato paste was not burnt and so tomato paste as you see color
  • 04:12: changed brighter already send brine or a glass of fresh or boiled tomato no matter if there is no moto can add brine there is no brine it is generally there from if not this and that then cook simply sun tomato paste is also very tasty and so send our roast now broth with potatoes and now we will prevent once close not densely
  • 04:42: lid and on a slow fire this is that's all about the accident 15-20 minutes is not more 20 minutes so long as we have time slice a parsley green parsley fennel pepper needs us late laurel leaf, if desired, garlic according to desire and so it passed me somewhere about a minute 15 so you see everything is quite accurate I will not cook enough, I took it off burners
  • 05:12: beetroot clean extra foam add greens pepper black ground I put a laurel leaf for you last and now we will give you a few minutes five to stand while in peace drowning will buy it so that it does not boil down and we pour into a plate and serve on table such here beetroot we cooked I hope you enjoy the cooking. Well, what 's left on the plate?
  • 05:43: here we managed to see try this beauty rich rich very useful so that you can prepare for health with with their flesh The same beetroot is planted and very deliciously add greens ears and we will already try as I have all week for at first even butter did not eat at times I I'll try to add a beetroot
  • 06:14: black chili pepper and a plate I'll try Well, prepare to try a recipe leave under video in description And under the video in the description we have ssylochka on our family channel come subscribe and yet we will pour out on March 4 live if you wish and communicate well March 4, 1800 Live Well thanks for all the comments of
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