САМЫЕ ВКУСНЫЕ ОГУРЦЫ с морковью и луком. ЛЮБИМЫЙ РЕЦЕПТ  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello Hello everyone to my today's channel video I want to share with you recipe canning cucumbers with carrots and onion is delicious cucumbers are obtained so be sure to try to adore this recipe in advance humming cucumber we cut cucumbers tails doing it not so much from aesthetic how many due to the fact that
  • 00:30: way cucumbers are better salted 2 medium carrots 2 medium bulbs we cut here such Here ringlets and besides onions and carrots and spices also dill will be required several umbrellas two leaves of black currants 3-4 cloves of garlic to make them better gave their taste and the fragrance of the best cut into several parts a pair laurel leaves will use sweet pepper and a teaspoon of seeds
  • 01:00: mustard and all this send to the bottom prepared by clean dry jars at the bottom of the banks also we lay out the circles onions and carrots but a little onion and carrots to the rest and in filling process banks of cucumbers will fill and not emptiness farther begin to fill our bank with cucumbers and the first row I'm doing here so strictly
  • 01:31: vertically tight each other maximally dense each other for comfort just tilting the jar and I can fill in add cucumber as can be denser than each other house emptiness us here you do not need further in the gap add some more onion rings and carrots and further cucumbers already lay out horizontally and we try to select smaller in the size of cucumbers for cooking
  • 02:10: marinade at the rate of for 1 liter of water to me need salt 50 gram sugar 80g can it tablespoons with I'm already in front of a hill the most boiling marinade add 85 milliliters of nine percent vinegar I now I use here so natural alcohol children
  • 02:40: vinegar pouring cucumbers and boiling marinade and as you can see I I put so much densely that in a pan there is a daughter behind here here clearly a liter of water I am even a little less covers for sterility I by we cover the boiling water banks now I will sterilize my cucumbers for this in saucepan with high I pour the sides hot water from crane and in mandatory
  • 03:11: I put a rag at I am the letter for sewn into several layers exist special mats but I use the usual she will save a rag our jars from bursting during sterilization I place the bank in saucepan and water months ago, only the water around will boil counting about five minutes and this It will suffice as a
  • 03:41: see the water around quietly boils and cucumbers changed their color and became evenly warm all such a bank can be take out and roll up do not need to wait 10-15 minutes from boiling believe these cucumbers will stand up all winter like glass they will cooked and I have will turn crispy baby roll up and as a rule until the morning
  • 04:11: for the whole night I I turn over the banks and I leave them like this here you stand on the lids while covering something kind somehow a blanket or a coat what saves I use heat and all night they are still in my this kind of continue to sterilize cucumbers are ready for that to remove them on storage we store in the basement and they stand there all winter long as a glass
  • 04:42: Thank you for attention is mandatory close at least one a jar of cucumbers with carrot and onions I I think that to you like everyone so far before new meetings on I can give birth to my canal from me new interesting recipes canning a