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Detailed master class of knitting of a children's cardigan spokes platochny knitting and a raglan from above, a jacket from a yarn on buttons without seam spokes. You can buy p...  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello with you again olga and you on the channel about knitting as you see today's lesson we are with you we'll knit here like this jacket jacket blouse for baby color is so universal enough it is possible for a girl for a boy here already at your discretion as for here this card, it will be fine suitable for the summer on cool evenings for the autumn and winter I do not know for the spring that there is, in principle, this is all seasonal
  • 00:33: jacket cardigan chic I do not know call what you want the essence of this is not changes to knit such a blouse is simple enough and, in principle, if baby knitting will not be knit then long because in the first it so logically very simple here even newcomer to cope with such a jacket blouse here and at the same time very interesting warm and of course plush yarn I decorated this one
  • 01:03: blouse skill for growth 98-104 that is, at the age of 3 4 years my daughter is 5 years old I do not buy now clothes for height 116-122 in a breast-dressing gown she perfectly suited her if so Here is a postponed cuff that in principle and on sleeves too, too the only thing that can be short she is given here again, again, the length
  • 01:34: can be regulated as if you already you want that is, in principle, it's a blouse she even now on the growth of 116 I think that suitable for the fact that I originally planned to dress and blouse with cuffs in general, ideally she worn with tucked cuffs but if they turn away that in principle I think that In the season 2 3 you will definitely be able to she is such a bearer for the growth, let's say so it is possible to reduce a little bit literally
  • 02:06: loop here that is, yes that is the width of the line is a little raglan a bit shorter and then this blouse will be on a smaller size for babies means about the materials I have for you now I will explain in detail the consumption of yarn is really small and moves on garter stitch everything is very simple very great and new is such a collar plush for children such in this very
  • 02:37: gentle and pleasant to the touch to the neck will be cervical very very cool fastens on buttons holes for buttons we with you we will tie in the course of knitting blouses that is I will show how I close loops to process already such A hole in principle does not need to be seen and The hole is fairly neat and dense so additional processing is not requires, in principle, even if you never They did not hold a spoke in their hands, in principle
  • 03:09: Such a blouse can be tied in principle, she quickly enough light so of course even beginners I this jacket can recommend it do with a gradient like in my case You can make a monophonic here on your discretion can allow, if desired, some harnesses are already there again see for yourself how you like best yes I decided to do it due to the fact that I have a gradient here I decided already Do not add anything here and leave it in this kind of if you like this blouse
  • 03:40: Be sure to subscribe Like put on the channel bell click on the bell to receive an exit notification The following parts for knitting such blouses and in the comments write Do you like such work and do you want you are something else out of clothes for children or for adults, write to what age and you want and there will be no more comments until what ages for those ages I will be
  • 04:11: knit 2 of their master classes this part video lesson we will have so much more familiarize this with you I simply show you blouse now we are with you together as they go end in size that I got and just a little bit we'll start knitting A fresh collar and there will be several more parts on this blouse on my channel already have a video for such a cap it in the tone of the jacket goes, that is, the principle of how it can even be used
  • 04:42: a reference to the master class for this cap I will leave it in the comments and in hints here on! press and pass see is connected but also from one and the same yarn that is this one here it seems to me very yellowish shade cute komplektik it will turn out and nice Well, let's move on to the already-sized I'm with you now as I literally several to the size we measure together
  • 05:12: with you and so on one button zip up so we are measuring here that girth breasts before the regular lines at me it turned out 34 centimeters to measure the length Sleeves on the inside and together with cuffs again look at the inner sleeve 3030 with half a centimeter it's with pending
  • 05:48: cuffs if you measure to the cuff yes if you will wearing it with beaked then it turns out 25 cm this is the inside of the sleeve on the outside parts are measured from the neck along the outer part and the total length is 45 centimeters to cuff thirty-nine and a half and the total length of the jacket I do not know will you I see or not now I will try
  • 06:20: so the total length of the jacket is 42 centimeters that is, up to the lower part they had from start collar because we have you will buckle so if size you also have a knitting density same as I can safely knit by my calculations and to this number of loops and which I have knitting knitting density now we are with you let's say all this and I'll tell everything
  • 06:51: I'll show you about the tools and materials that you need and so on materials and tools, let's first we start with yarn I knitted yarn it's Chinese yarn allen's men's fashion world on here in the merino wool 30 percent polyacrylate 60 percent and 10 percent of the silk thread very nice very cool and gentle mild and very pleasant tactile well keep in shape
  • 07:22: It does not shed and that it is interesting enough well worn from my jacket out of this This yarn is linked to the video channel and go through the sylochke look If you have not seen this master class As for this yarn, I have only positive opinion on it, she did not it does not roll over my daughter wears a sweatshot practically without removing and nothing happened to him already
  • 07:52: several times erased here generally there is in principle for the price of quality this very not optimal yarn I recommend so survive to survive from this thread and so as far as colors are concerned color is this light 0 9 yellow is such a delicate yellow tint not bright yellow is some kind of muffled yellow color number 09 Well, here for some reason 33 it's not that light from is color number 09 he is such
  • 08:24: yellowish and color number 27 a greenish color is also a pleasant one I know, he also really liked these The spring shades are beautiful and very I spent this yellow yarn four and a half ma. I knitted a cap there left the rest where four and a half we. it took me and there is nothing that is small literally the tail on the cramped I threw it away Here is the yarn of green it took me 5
  • 08:54: skeins five motors and remained funny too, so here is the detail of this ponytail I did not throw out any toy add something and do not sleep or skirt can some kind of detail I do not know, well, I'm very, very little that is, five skeletons left me green yarn and four and a half lo this plush yarn used a card poo she was on course and I also knitted from this yarn children's vest if subscribed to my
  • 09:26: page in the instagram it was seen and yes photos I laid out my daughter in this pity and video I honestly I started shooting something I had there not so in the general video did not work so on and on this waistcoat of This yarn kind of fire probably not be it may be made of and if comments write what you want I probably will connect a master class there yet one fat because I have yarn principle, there is still yarn she pose the essence here means by the footage of 100
  • 09:59: grams of 100 meters and the composition is a policy so here we have field margins polyester to metro polestar one hundred percent yarn when I'm alive I'm so into nice places tactile means she has a small minus of it here see a little bit here sticking sticks all therefore but this is the only minus so much she is very nice and very
  • 10:33: cool but basically all these are here items that stick to not they all Very easily removed here no questions the only course if the house is pets are home then I think that with hair probably just with this yarn will be a problem so better any choice of an equivalent so means color for her incident I had 0 19 I was started by the hitch if Hogs here 100 grams, whether it be me
  • 11:05: there was somewhere probably a gram of 80 these all 80 grams of me went to the blouse for the design of a single hank such yarn will be sufficient if will be replaced then please on your discretion replace some other yarn is already at your discretion on the metrazh is here this thread means here a in 50 grams two hundred meters so if know the same can replace also but once again I say this yarn I
  • 11:35: I recommend needles used to number four is the main cloth and on the knitting needles number three by half I knitted cuffs on sleeves Number 4 was also used Hosiery knitted sleeves in a circle therefore on the circular knitting needles it was uncomfortable I took stocking knitting needles and on them already knitted sleeves also we will need with you markers on for knitting and 5 buttons
  • 12:08: for 5 5 buttons this in my case you can be six or three or four it is already depending on what The diameter of the hole you will make and how many buttons grab it, that is here everything is purely individual also to us need a needle for stitching Also we need you with a needle I with the help of a needle hid her threads all I do not take off this video as I do not hide it
  • 12:39: strings it is necessary to do after all to do show you how I hide them and hook number four By this hook I made the strap on that's 40 hooks well and in principle on materials and tools it's all yarn and tools for knitting such blouses can buy on my site reference for you I'm sure in the description for this video leave pass
  • 13:09: make out an order and knit with pleasure Well and now let's turn to knitting and so now the way to the dimensions that we will need you and my knitting density conditionally I'm here painted a blouse means the measurements that you and I need this is the length of the product we assume the girth chest neck girth girth length of the sleeves and will need
  • 13:39: whether on the advertising line and did not write in I a little bit later, voiced and so it means length of the product I for myself have specified 41 centimeter at me it turned out 42 centimeters chest girth 57 and girth of the thighs 61 because the cut blouse at us with you direct then choose the longest is 61 centimeters and add 2 3 centimeters for fitting
  • 14:09: for the freedom of clinging I got half of the jacket 34 centimeters is multiplied on 2 it turns out 68 well and accordingly this size and about and it turned out then there she is on the girth she will be here free to sit longer sleeve length 37 and a half I got 44 centimeter but all the sizes that we have you take these sizes we have
  • 14:41: from the shoulder that is here from here and here 3070 half a centimeter away from me it turned out 44 centimeters sleeve length by The inner side of your husband was the length from the armpit to the bottom of the product I got 25 centimeters and knitting density knitted on knitting needles 4 and I got 10 centimeters 20 2 loops mean in one centimeter
  • 15:11: 2.2 loops and height of 10 centimeters thirty-six rows in one centimeter 3 6 rows and based on these dimensions on the basis of the density of knitting we are with you do the calculation and the very first calculation which we are doing this amount the collar neck we knit collar with you from plush yarn there is slightly different density is a little bit looser in
  • 15:41: I got there I thought there were two whether the loops are 1 and 9 by 1 centimeter but I I take this into account here and take it from you neck girth neck girth we have 26 centimeters plus 2 cm 23 centimeters for freedom of fit and it turns out that 20 conditionally 8 centimeters we are with you multiplied by the number of loops to 28 knives on two and two and it turns out 6160 one
  • 16:13: I will not dial the loop type 60 loops and in on the bottom 6 10 we will have all the distant ones with you all further knitting are built by knitting raglan on top of the bandage collar then go to the lines of raglan we are tying up to this place a line raglan continue to knit a carcass that is this part of our blouse and we finish the sleeves of it in principle
  • 16:43: blouse us this way will be with you ready to show everything and tell every stage we will do with you next calculation therefore if you knit on friend the sizes at you other density substitute your own dimensions in the survey its density to its quantity and continue to knit Well, let's start with two spokes number 4 we are with you yarn kartopu she the rate is 60 loops per two spokes
  • 17:16: two three four I will now dial 60 and return to you 60 loops typed on knitting needles and begin to knit garter stitch in all rows all loops Facial first loop edge always remove the last loop we sew purl and so we are with you we knit 7 centimeters, I now tie it and
  • 17:46: back to you