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RASPBERRY OR TRINITY STITCH - A beginners guide  See details »

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  • 00:00: in this video I'll be demonstrating raspberry or Trinity stitch check out the description for other projects that feature this stitch learn how to decrease and work in the round with my other video guides in this project I'm using freedom ball bite while ease of Stanford now it's a chunky yarn requiring a 10 millimeter needle so
  • 00:32: for results similar to mine marry the ball band tension raspberry or trinity stitch works in multiples of 4 stitches and 4 rows so in this case I have cast on 16 stitches row 1 is the right side row and we are simply going to purl all the way across so going into the front of every stitch and purling
  • 01:04: so purl all the way to the end whether
  • 01:47: you have 16 stitches 32 48 or 80 the principle is the same so that's Row one so Row two enter into the first stitch and what we're going to do is in fact make three stitches from one and we're going to do this first of
  • 02:19: all by knitting into the stitch without taking it from the left needle then we bring the yarn to the front and we purl into the same stitch again keeping it on the Left needle for now yarn to the back and knit into the same stitch now we can release it from the left needle so we
  • 02:52: have knitted one purl one knit one all into one stitch next bring the yarn to the front and we want to enter into the next three stitches purl wise we are going to purl three together and we're repeating that sequence right until the
  • 03:26: end into the next stitch knit pearl lit take off the left needle so we've knitted pearled knitted into one stitch bring the arm to the front
  • 03:57: and this time enter into the next three stitches and purl three together so we're halfway into the next stitch knit purl knit
  • 04:28: and then purl three together we have our last set of four stitches knit purl knit and end by purling three
  • 04:59: together and that completes Row 2 Row 3 is the same as Row 1 remember it's a right-side row and we get a nice little
  • 05:31: break because we're just purling all the way across you
  • 06:22: so that's row three so for row four we begin this time by purling three together so we're staggering the stitch pattern sequence yarn to the back and then into the next stitch we're going to knit purl knit all into the same stitch
  • 06:55: repeat that until the end so purl three together and knit purl knit into the same stitch
  • 07:36: purl three together knit purl knit purl three together and end by knitting
  • 08:06: purling and knitting into that last stitch so those are the four rows that are required for raspberry or Trinity stitch so when you repeat rows 1 2 4 you build up this beautiful trinity stitch
  • 08:37: pattern I'd like to thank you for watching