How to cook rice. The simple recipe to weld friable rice  See details »

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  • 00:00: if you show me how to look correctly and quickly crumbly rice the first thing to us need cold water himself rice salt and dishes which we will I work here rice took just an ordinary steamed rice one and a half glasses such are one and a half the first glass that we do on Six times the membrane this view I here to you I'll show you the formats have changed already five times I'm flooding a half-liter jar on half cup here
  • 00:30: such from the Gulf and good is good straight with your hands stir to go the extra starch the more we the better we wash it he has courses and then we just merge this water knitting rice must be clean and transparent minimum six times we check
  • 01:00: then we take a good saucepan with tight lid and throws out know the rules that rice should be to the water 1 night one and a half glasses decide i have to take 3 glasses of water the most
  • 01:30: big mistake which allows for cooking rice that his pour cold I will fill with water practically with boiling water so 11 2 cups and a third of the glass here we are now we are
  • 02:06: take the floor of the tea tablespoons salt rice loves it closes tightly lid and cook on medium fire exactly 15 minutes as soon as 15 minutes will pass we do not cover opens that is, she should be like this here is closed after 15 minutes we shoot saucepan with fire and cover it like this towel for another 15 minutes rice steamed and the water will all go away and so 3 hours passed
  • 02:37: we remove a towel remove our lid the water poured liquid or add a small a piece of butter pleasant