Как экономить на красках и лаке. Совет по выбору краски  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone you want to tell how can you save on paints on varnishes doing creativity when only the beginning do their own crafts and specialized shops bought this is the curve paint here I'm a little bit here only six jars each of which 15 milliliters and costs it is relatively you go for 250 rubles for a long time such a paint I did not have enough and then I decided to build store to buy Here is a jar
  • 00:30: acrylic white paint here I kilogram worth it from 280 to 300 rubles this particular universal bank acrylic enamel for any surfaces white semi-matt this paint is not enough for a long time here recently the same a jar recently I ended up the paint was enough for four and a half months this paint for metal that I paint I also any
  • 01:01: whether surface cardboard glass or tree more construction I bought the shops a cooler of all kinds colors shades here this is one jar costs 50 rubles and how here it is indicated on it guarantee period storage of 60 months then there are five years to you enough of her for a long time but as we do and paint any color here I am saucer brought white acrylic paint
  • 01:31: mixed colors green added stirred with us this color if you want get more rich tone please still color add and so you can experiment with all this color but I want to note black collies with mixing with white acrylic paint to you will give or dark gray tint or light gray black it does not work out therefore in order to primer
  • 02:01: some kind of surface I use car black paint is an aerosol 80 rubles is very economically and quickly I also want to say a lacquers also buying construction stores here his kilogram of body about 300 so who maybe my advice I will be useful very happy to see you
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