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  • 00:00: with you again , dear friends and right now I want to remind you what began our program [music] dizziness is a colossal problem
  • 00:32: humanity and one of the most frequent complaints of people over 50 years old what is dizziness when we are with it we face a miracle in which situations dizziness, we can cure ourselves without pills and when it's the first sign stroke and it is about this that we begin our conversation dizzy this sensation uncertainty of their position in the space a person begins to feel that things
  • 01:02: The earth rotates around him walk from under the feet if such a state occurs when the position of the body changes this is most likely positional dizziness is a way for a few minutes regain equal so dear friends of dizziness when you got up twirling all around the earth the bed leaves under the feet you very often you drop call ambulance
  • 01:35: you are brought to the reception of the most different hurts will make you a diagnosis stroke next to me is the doctor who is in institute of first aid Sklifosovsky became one of the authors a huge study that showed that at a dizziness the diagnosis a stroke in ninety percent error error in 90 what tests do you need to spend when dizzy and what you should know
  • 02:06: I want to present our today's guest it's chase Ramazanovich Ramazanov Head of Neurology Department institute of first aid Sklifosovsky [music] urologist dmitry nicholas silence was circling as it was with me and this was generally one of my brightest memories of these New Year holidays I got out of bed and I have a bed
  • 02:38: began to leave from under me, I realized that the earthquake began to cling to the bed so as not to fall into the pit which my submission was now be formed as I replace the cling I lay down in the moment past me rushed wall ceiling, I realized that this dizziness no earthquakes very in short I will not go on I told myself to diagnose myself I myself want to show you this thing this is a doctor's coat this device
  • 03:08: which is provided by our positioning in space three After all, they have semicircular canals the equilibrium is finite inside it there is a specific liquid there there are special cells there so called stones that are moving give the ability to understand in which position we find let's show how he is in reality looks like this black temko that is there of course an increase of a hundred times probably yes, here it is in real life and so what's here
  • 03:39: There is a stone we have here A pebble in norm or rate here this should not ride here with semicircular canals about the ingar when it rolls out that we feel threatened we feel dizzy just like that to which I told you what test a person can do himself or with the help of relatives or with the help of a doctor and what tests all doctors without exception, even do at the reception what to do two tests that visually
  • 04:10: show pathology in these semicircular canals is 11 is called a roll test and our doctor lies now in a suitable we will pack the doctor we turn the head in one direction we turn our heads to the other watch for twitching of eyeballs or for Doctors called the symptom and places A man that feels a person with this feels dizzy on one side
  • 04:40: or another by 1 or by another instance rules feel in both directions dizziness but one way dizziness more expressing when diagnosis I made this diagnosis myself so I'm my own way I ruled out a stroke and diagnosis doctor positional paroxysmal benign dizziness Further I am since it's not my profession climbed the Internet and read everything on
  • 05:11: English and Russian that there was a there was a dry residue following it dizziness with tablets can not be cured this is dizziness you can cure themselves and now the doctor will show us Reception and I on this giant layout I'll show what happens to the pebble so our task is this one is his pebble It is necessary to drive back that the fight hit here The ships are in these here pockets that for this is necessary it must be done because
  • 05:43: the channel is semicircular The patient needs to maneuver and is simply called a barbecue because we roast barbecue twist in turn our head of a pebble here here [music] we lay down on the tank a pebble is needed here in each position delayed by ten to fifteen
  • 06:13: seconds we lay down on a stomach and here look Here he is in my bend here that's here see a pebble where you hit [music] that's all and come back to us and [laugh] it turns out that our giddiness passed of course there is still the maneuver of the eplie they chose row the maneuver in myself was done by my friends in the rep
  • 06:43: I immediately went through just this was a miracle of his English thank you big sit down please this story was poured on with a doctor's coat for another thought and since while I I was afraid of only one I'll kill myself to death or I'll fall from I understood at that moment that my bed is certainly beautiful but the killer I can not do anything about it because of it We decided specifically tell you about what requirements today makes a bed
  • 07:15: they are the world community as well as customs union and now watch my watch we have shown you such a bed has absolutely no traumatic some surfaces and corners created by change from above rounded off and special material is sheathed in order to be even ruined could not more injuries if you suddenly stood up and you have got such a position when you began to clean up there that you are here and at this moment spun
  • 07:46: Head that could not not go there fail and hit your head because that here, too, the same here rounded surfaces on which there is no untreated completely edge you can look at the bed so that's where to stand up and and it will withstand your weight weight in general which when the bed withstands 280 kilograms that is since 40 kilograms per half but now what bed do we recommend it is of course a bed of production ascona and, as a matter of fact, this bed
  • 08:19: meets all requirements rounded corners withstands a forest more than two hundred sixty kilos is certified matching the guest, that is, no ammonia formaldehyde and phenol is 26 quality criteria of the customs union and guarantee for such beds for 10 years and Of course this is important why I like the topic mattress mattresses without a normal bed no mouth ever exists then that the mattress bed is a single sleeping
  • 08:51: system and here it is just this one Bed askona this is the one bedroom system than we like tell you today dear friends It remains only to finish and wish all health that there is nothing more important in the world