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Jellied green onions and egg pie, recipe of kefir dough  See details »

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  • 00:00: Jellied pie with green onions and egg, recipe for kefir If you get in the way of subtitles - turn them off! Hello! My name is Dina.And I greet you on the channel "Collection of Recipes" Pouring pies is a godsend for any mistress. Such pies are very satisfying, quickly prepared and will help you in any situation. I have a playlist "Pies" on the channel, in which you will find recipes for tasty jelly pies - both sweet and not sweet If you did not see - look, leave a reference in the description under the video. For all lovers of simple and delicious dishes, Today I suggest preparing an appetizing jelly pie with green onions and eggs. The pie turns out very tasty, delicate, and not counting baking, it will take very little time to prepare it.
  • 00:33: So, let's start, first we'll prepare the filling for the pie. Finely cut a fairly large bunch of green onions, There, we cut fresh herbs - I have dill and quite a bit of parsley. Pre-cooked eggs are cleaned and crushed. You can do this in many ways:
  • 01:04: rub on a large grater or, as in my case, cut into small cubes. We send the chopped eggs into a bowl of greens, add salt and pepper to taste, as well as one tablespoon of sour cream, melted butter or vegetable oil. The filling is well mixed and while we set aside. And now we will do the test - it is prepared very easily and quickly.
  • 01:39: In the bowl, in which we will knead it, knock out 4 eggs and 1 protein, and the yolk together with a spoonful of sour cream will be put aside for lubricating the pie. We pour out the salt, add sour cream and pour out kefir. All is well mixed - it is more convenient for me to make it a whisk. Separately in the bowl with sifted flour, add baking powder, mix well the dry mixture and pour it into the bowl in several steps, kneading the dough.
  • 02:12: Try to mix the mass until smooth, so that no lumps remain. That's such a homogeneous, fairly liquid dough we got, it looks like a dough for making pancakes. The filling and dough are completely ready and now we will take care of the form. I will use a ceramic mold measuring 24x24 cm.
  • 02:46: Lubricate it with any oil, and, for the convenience of extracting the pie, sprinkle with breadcrumbs or cover with parchment paper. In the form prepared in this way, pour out half the dough, and on it even layer lay out the ready stuffing. On top, pour out the remaining dough and evenly distribute it over top of the filling.
  • 03:19: Set aside the sour cream and the yolk in a separate bowl, and, using a brush, carefully applied over the dough to give the future cake a ruddy glossy crust. On request, you can pour sesame pie on top. We send it to the oven preheated to 180 ° C (356 ° F) and bake until cooked.
  • 03:50: Baking time depends on the size of the mold, the thickness of the cake and the capabilities of your oven. When baking pour cakes there is one feature: externally the finished pie inside can remain moist. Consider this! In any case, check the pie readiness with a wooden skewer. I baked a cake on top + bottom for 1 hour and, after checking for a skewer, I baked another 10 minutes. Now my pie is ready! We take it from the oven.
  • 04:23: We give the pie a little cool, cut it and you can all call to the table. The cake is well baked: soft, tender, very tasty and fragrant. I recommend to cook and try. I wish everyone a pleasant appetite! If you liked this recipe - put "Like"! Share videos with friends and write your comments! Subscribe to my YouTube channel - "Collection of Recipes" and click on the bell to receive notifications of new videos.
  • 04:55: I remind you, you can find a reference to the playlist "Pies" in the description under the video, I recommend to watch! With you was Dina.Up to new meetings and delicious recipes!