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  • 00:00: [music] my friends hello, I'm the Inga to us red and green I wanted today the city of Novosibirsk tell you as promised in previous videos on how to do it m drugs in the home conditions Well, let's first briefly in a nutshell that such m drugs do not need anything in
  • 00:31: garden and how to use them drugs are deciphered as effective microorganisms that is, preparations containing in their composition of effective microorganisms those who are engaged in organic agriculture is often called their gentle emočki the composition of these drugs is friendly for plants bacteria they interact with the roots
  • 01:02: our plants they help to mine him necessary nutrients amino acids and enzymes work commonwealth with the roots of our plants make them stronger and healthier therefore When they have soil for our plants it is a great blessing and plus well, maybe many people use these drugs in their garden activities as they are called they have little
  • 01:34: different composition are called differently this baikal is the east is the glow I have nothing I can say about the quality and efficiency of the baikal and the east, I simply I do not use them for myself Observations of some kind in statistics I have been using radiance for many years and you know for sure that this is a good drug which works quite efficiently but what if there is not in town
  • 02:05: center radiance is here such a home alternative I do not want to say that she is alone in one will be the same as the radiance of the radiance there are many microorganisms but this strains that is the same as us it is well suppose there is a herd of cows of some cows dairy alone dreams and others we
  • 02:35: let's say we get some special skin for some wonderful gloves then there is a cows have different cows also in preparations radiance there are different kinds of bacteria they all useful plant their set pretty wide but they are all lactobacilli the bulk of their lactobacilli therefore
  • 03:05: we can do it analogue that will work very much not bad in our conditions on our kitchen gardens in our gardens and in any case for our microflora this will be a great benefit A big plus is to make it pretty simple what we need to do, we are on pipe no matter what they will have it for me oatmeal bran can take the wheat they sow
  • 03:35: It's also good for oatmeal and wheat proportions are one to two if let's say, and I 400 gram of bran two packets of 200 grams 400 grams of bran means I have to take two times less kefir kefir ordinary just fresh yogurt a small fat content can be taken even there one percent is actually here
  • 04:05: The less fat content is even better and here it's enough further we just have these bran I will not open two packages now that is, I'm here for me kefir 400 milliliters if I take 400 bran means I took it from here take 200 grams of yogurt and took the floor of the norm
  • 04:36: so I'll take even less and that to us we need to do just need a very well in no hurry to get rid of this mass mass is obtained thick is mixed and too good young men need to be prevented so that all our bran as much as possible were kefir what we do after this We need to transfer this mass to the package
  • 05:09: it is advisable to take the package denser for a stronger package, you need to take 2 fold one in the other then we are good we remove air squeeze the air so that there is an air the cavity was not warm bran swells microorganisms begin to eat their own and this package may be slightly inflated so you need to squeeze the air well and
  • 05:40: tightly tie these bags where we have them place we must place them in a warm place not the carrier to us that is 23 25 degrees room temperature this is a good temperature for the necessary process and another important the moment must be dark, that is absolutely it's dark in the closet there is clean so that the usual there sunny or just daylight there
  • 06:10: did not get this package we leave in dark warm place for 3 days then again it's very simple we take baking tray pour out this mass A thin layer on this baking sheet and clean again in some kind of dark warm Place a cupboard there and find it in your they can dry up the womb turn over
  • 06:40: wiggle they are pretty fast that is, we get bran on the outside kind of it seems like this bran they have such a very delicate scent further this mass is ready for use that is three days it matures then for a while it dries not only apply a thick layer there is a layer must be thinner to dried up and then quickly finished.
  • 07:10: mason m drug we add to our opaque package is better that it was dark and not kept in the light room temperature they are not drugs like heat over 30 degrees and they do not like minus that is, temperatures below zero they also do not like ranging from 0 to 30 they are fine themselves feel what we do with these
  • 07:43: drugs as we use them use them they can be in the garden everywhere We can add them when we land our Container plants of our petunia lobelia of the rest is very well, because in pots our annual flowers are not very just we can add on landing
  • 08:13: seedlings this drug we can sprinkle them around the trees and shrubs that is very good to them to use when we sow root crops for example carrots and beets we sprinkle groove on which seeds are laid out a then we repair and soil microorganisms begin to act as
  • 08:44: we use when planting seedlings we do everything exactly the same as usually only at the end in the hole we we add somewhere well in a floor of a table spoon to the hole of these bran and from above cover the ground somewhere in 1 two centimeters here they do not need drugs Bury deeply, that is, they work the upper soil layer
  • 09:14: They need oxygen to make everything processes occurred so do not bury them in the soil to the depth there is a bayonet of shovels alone there will be no use Well, as a matter of fact , there is not one more thing and forgot to tell you this one the drug will help us very well when we will make a leaven I'll come to my assistant and volume john at home johnchik you are helping me today
  • 09:48: well done so this is my assistant will not wait when we start already to happen more in the country at will let's all give him something expensive like at laziness bear this drug is very important for us useful when we do sourdough I will definitely show you this process for what it is needed is a leaven very well helps
  • 10:19: warm up the soil when we land for example cucumber zucchini when we we plant them in the greenhouse Well, or on the bed and the land is not quite ripe I promised you I will show it's pretty I think soon the ground already will soon let these things do we we will do something like a kind of warm beds very lightweight this option and
  • 10:49: for the temperature to rise there and the processes that we need just started we add here these m drugs then the expansion dry grass and leaves starts to go very fast and most importantly these processes are not processes rotting but just very useful and very necessary for our plants healthy
  • 11:19: processes for the health of our land so if it's still time a few very active work has not yet started in the garden the weather fluctuates that warmly then it's very cold in us today 0 the whole day therefore perhaps there is time to do His short- term use in the garden can bring very much but that's all I wanted you to do today say my friends
  • 11:51: let our garden be healthy and beautiful