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the traveling bag from jeans to sew houses the hands sewing lessons a master class  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today we will sew travel bag the travel bag will be sew from denim I 'll take the silk summer league herringbone which I no longer I want to wear on tissue is still whole and strong steam and then you can not edge cut I got parts one piece the same one and even greater is this here is the detail means since here denim with us there are some
  • 00:30: the saliency we will cut out of existing conditions there is I will take a big our part is complicated in half I'll cut this down then that here white we will have two basic parts front wall and back take our lining and then we take another fabrics to she was more durable and plump our help to continue we put the mosquito
  • 01:01: mesh in order to stiffen from above we put our denim up four data layers 4 calico needles very convenient with balls and sweat sewing stitches through four layers I'll scribble such lines along and then across absolutely not trying hold evenness one part of the flour I have already
  • 01:31: slipped but turned such here detail is ours front of paradise the part is also ready even more applied freely chassis line is is that such figured line in principle who can not do it and can principle you can video this is our front wall bags we made small pocket on velcro
  • 02:02: pocket and keeps very firmly decided its and seams outside so to speak a few are visible and now I would like to disguise this pocket making bill pocket larger then there is something like this here is this pocket we we'll make it up any valve and now we We take our own dinner our backing fabric I apply my face to face
  • 02:34: now I'll take it for sure also we will do with this is the valve part of the valve I I apply our lining cloth by such here in a semicircle and then I'll turn cut billets by in our pocket here such a valve and now see what we should do next I took another cloth and cut out diagonally you see here diagonal means many and many strips
  • 03:04: four centimeter, I sewed them in one long long then I turned the tape one edge to one centimeter and stitched I'm long-long preform oblique beev and now we start oblique with beks I take our pocket first we we will process a pocket and then all the rest details will also be handle this Pasta I take
  • 03:34: pocket I do not curved brian I am piercing my pocket I sew along along rain the whole pocket lower lateral hand when will they I have sewn from one inside out here the edge already bent them not will remain again stitch or seam either by a zigzag pockets like this I got it pocket neat edge that's it, that's it. looks like me here when i
  • 04:04: I zigzagged proshila in order to accurately grab this here the valve is processed the top is done there is still a loop here because he's the same must somehow close now it remains for us to take our front wall we just apply it is necessary to die out be sure We put the centering above and simply sewing the same way we put the valve from above
  • 04:35: and just this edge sewing and here we will do it again run off to our bottoms and glasses I decided that I will be sidewall turning into beggars knee-jerking that is, I need make one such a long I'm a rectangle cooked this behold face wanted first made from denim the tissue eats everything rectangle but its not enough make that cloth
  • 05:05: which we do ring and we should to make while it is visible on the same principle as we did basic details then is on put the left part later or We put inside the thick fabric for thickening then we put on 100 masonry cloth gray does not have such sandwich of three layers and most importantly, in the middle is where we have
  • 05:38: there will be poverty there where a denim piece we need one more layer and this is will be the cardboard I took this part of the tone from boxes from under shoes that is, between layers we put this layer now all these layers should not to make tick marks and then flash a few lines that all these three layers with something she made three layer
  • 06:08: somewhere else four layers bottom then I it did something strange to be exactly because in some places sura in notes in places is going to that was all ideally then I took cut off the edges to were even smooth long the rectangle is what I managed this band means the center all lined up these edges are the same size and now everything our items are absolutely all that is it front and back wall and here it is here sidewall we all do it
  • 06:38: must process slanting also as a pocket we take the oblique bake apply the edge flashing sweat bend inside out and once again sewing zigzagging let's get down to the knobs to make the pen I I will take this time for and some bag piece of wire some kind of cable a piece some electricity cable 2 identical and to us it remains to sew this
  • 07:11: cable cloth when I cut off her skirt Has ruptured that below at I was like this here are the pieces where it was a little you carry Yes, I said that they are not yet apply now and here I'm back folding by our sludge and now we just take our piece of wire wrap with a cloth and just wish on the edge can be made it's even easier roll up a stitch and then push
  • 07:41: there our cottage the wire but the edges must be empty because we will be just sew to our methane is ready for us all components in I have two pens pay attention here: here there is a wire inside comforts is empty in end and processed bias binding as how are all the details from me there is a back wall front wall the lightning that I am so
  • 08:11: same as all the others processed after made a loop in end and loop in the beginning and sidewall but here these sidewall here are the side I did more to protect before she evolved inside and when empty that is like this here is a little Wear and now we proceed to assembly first we we will sew knobs that is I take the front the panel take the pen
  • 08:42: just apply just apply and just sew and that I sewn ready pen and now us you need to connect the bottom our basic details here I am outlined the Atlantean and Here, too, there is a center I take the apply I combine centering and further zigzag stitching
  • 09:12: however over the edge here here and here and in the same way we will do back panel on the bottom of the sidewall to us It remains to decide The last detail is whose lightning processed also with all parties simply connecting remembering with our bag I outlined the centers and so same center is on lightning so we apply starting from the center you can say
  • 09:42: pins needles and just Sewn I finished my handbag account decided so here she looks sideways so here works in everything easily and just everything is very open convenient very convenient the moment is precisely that the zipper is detachable I fell honestly saying I was buying This is because there was an all-in-one is very
  • 10:13: even well because what can be wider to open the purse on I did the pens additional cuffs because as experience shows operation is these places are wiped out at the first moment here it will be possible to cut and wash them I I'm shooting a video was you useful good put the class a also possible sign I wish you creative inspiration [applause]