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  • 00:00: All regards to Darina Aisy campaign empire traders today want to affect very acute topic for many how not pay for the law legally according to the article 159 laws of the housing code of the Russian Federation almost every third a Russian can get a subsidy every half a year
  • 00:30: what is subsidy subsidies this material benefit that pays The state at the expense of its budget for In order to receive this grant and the fee for utilities should be more than 22 percent of the of the total family income, let's say the grandmother with pension 10000, respectively, should get this subsidy to someone specifically give subsidies to those people who
  • 01:00: enjoys housing from the state fund such as doctors and military teachers and so on to whom the state gives their apartments those who are tenants from private foundation these are the people who rent an apartment from a private person or a legal entity who has the status of housing participant cooperative and like most of us then is the owner of an apartment at the availability of debt for housing and communal services,
  • 01:32: also if you are not a Russian citizen federation of subsidies and you will not be given let's look at the list with you documents you need to provide in management of social protection This is the passport of all family members who lives in an apartment documents that confirm that you owning a dwelling legally family income statements paying salaries for the last 6 months an extract from the personal account of absence
  • 02:02: long birth light birth and other evidence that relatives and dances and, accordingly , timely payment of utilities a savings book for six months or not working from the center employment and employment history well, the state compensates up to 70 percent of the the cost of payment for utilities But here we must understand that amount of material compensation
  • 02:33: is calculated individually based on family income all documents are reviewed within 10 days and a decision is made if you were helpful this information put like subscribe to us in social networks wish you a profit with you was gifted ice and empire of traders financial literacy is the key to your success investment consulting success