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ПОХОД  в ВТБ банк  за  выпиской  по  л/ с ЖКХ

ПОХОД в ВТБ банк за выпиской по л/ с ЖКХ  See details »

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  • 00:00: but my current account you can not only overhaul passing passage in passing my funds for my personal account bank you this my
  • 00:37: personal account binds you yet here look girl let's start with that the current account your right i came my real
  • 01:10: personal account linked to this calculation account search your calculation and registration I need a statement cash flow funds in my personal account but us information [music] binding your
  • 02:08: sex reflection of movement there is no society there see there is personal account you hear me that such persons have it in 202 color that the 200th fruit if payment is made brits that is excellent society, and there depersonalized have these the register peak is the foundation modernization and vision directly with us information specifically
  • 02:39: for each as a louse for a given sharashkin office personal account should you wait look first money comes here on this account when they receive clouds paid a month 2,000 she received 100,000 roughly speaking and influencing from what you can
  • 03:09: just do not let's Here I took an extremely rolled away just about personal account he is tied to this account does not have this personal account only that's what it is of this account we do not have you than from where and the wife and receive an extract for my girl's face I'm me they are interested hauberk I am talking ok why am i scream no let's let's start with
  • 03:40: you me what i say you come try at that to convince that we somehow another job We work with legal entities. our house they discovered administrators of this account money you pay somewhere in ritse and it looks to us at the expense of money comes in common amounts without breakdown by Ivan Petrov sidorov breakdown rub it you need to apply the fund or you look here
  • 04:10: on this account your until my The personal account of fear does not attached to a personal account such information here when I cry when I pay for the apartment see give just think here on this score my money comes in correctly the total amount not from you there is no Ivanovo Petrova and cunning
  • 04:41: total amount of this account to see through particular house in we have such 188 josh good written refusal that you do not want give high on my face water count is mine legal right is not of your personal account we do not lead facial 1 my legal right legal girl right again about me I want I want better and Of course that is I still I say you do not listen
  • 05:11: out of account account and he will be fine I understand clearly draw because and man , see this you came moritz he old rower personal account by writing 123 you paid your 2000 came Peter paid his 3000 dollars it is separate personal account and ric lists the general the sum is admissible 200 thousand there, and then so and this sum is total enrolls here but not
  • 05:42: we maintain personal accounts physical persons we Need them lead to the ritz and panther they raised us of course of course this is account we are we work so to speak about counting to me A calculation account personal accounts not on works you must apply fund they on it therefore must extract but its just we have it I do not create you everyone now
  • 06:12: the man squeezed bank drinks on personal account for faithful man an extract for all his accounts that come to him here please look it was working I did not I know but now with
  • 06:55: ordinary people Change the operation there newcomers allegedly does not work at all works only with legal entities bank the poet will be banned ocher bank you are low you do not now give over every an extract to the statement you on my facial
  • 07:26: account surrender me why is he tied to yours but he is attached to your a settlement account is not significant are not I silly because well Here I am paying the money here to this calculated score Here on this I'm not on your account I pay money but about your bank and here this number as we are to you
  • 08:06: give the municipality money comes here Immediately after a second written off it turns out who now write operas you mortal sentence after shaving there is something is that is you do not officially give we give up the fact that provide an extract on the personal account he is attached to your account there is officially
  • 08:39: officially you break we now constitutional right break i I'm not a client at all person i niche customer I understand the man clients I would not be able to do not need me insult respect your files client can be identified you call it that way here that is you
  • 09:10: refuse an extract on the facial the account is refused I was given checking account ladder of Vova where he is not attached to your smart three days later nowhere is the settlement a personal account is not appears in your nothing I understand I want to say no to us face accounts are obtained because he's on every house mugler
  • 09:40: is sent accounting will give you have a drink ordered now the girls were pouring into me died by me on fox and Alaska pollack Simbirsk total good [music]