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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. want to tell and show how to tie that's so cute embossed pattern crocheted this pattern is good suitable for uncoiling rugs and much another from me cut out before size 220 to 220 and 2 cushion pads such the pattern is very like for several reasons not looking at his intricacy this pattern knit very easy and fast knitting is quickly also due to frequent change of colors and main such china still
  • 00:30: on which to me like this pattern this is an opportunity utilize remnants of yarn for unleashing this Yarn suitable yarn any invoice different thicknesses and also in description you can use yarn of the morning deflated knitwear and so on turn from words to cause of to work for us need yarn different colors I will repeat that it is possible use yarn different composition and different invoices also for us to work need a hook number five or number
  • 01:00: six to start with take the chain of air loops we need the length in depending on what do you want knit product I tied the chain length 50 centimeters I'll knit one more pillowcase on the sofa the pillow is cut off draw a thread at
  • 01:33: we will be the basis every row we will tie yarn new color in outer loop we insert a hook stretch thread we make one air lifting loop and first row 1 2 rather even knit the back stenochku usual posts for those who do not know I'll explain a little a loop with us consists of two stenochek one
  • 02:04: front so that closer to us and 2 back stenochka 2 is the same as the world behind the back wall I'm tying posts behind the back wall the world is now so the second will return it from us a set of knits first and second row columns without crochet for the posterior stenochke colors are changing arbitrarily choose some kind of a certain colors can be to knit arbitrarily
  • 02:36: pick colors two rows tied columns without crochet I repeat that the series I do not I think this is the first row this is the second row embark on knitting 3 series is necessarily straight in this extreme loop insert hook we will rot
  • 03:06: Well, here are the colors and be sure necessary in each we make one lifting loop further we knit 3 ranks in the following way we sew 5 columns without a crochet I repeat that the columns all knit for the back loop wall and now even a column with kerchief make
  • 03:36: cape and bandage the post is not in this one series and the previous there are 1 row below introduce this jumper hook raise the loop I sew an eyelet and cape and finish ejection we skip the bar here in this row in which we knit let it be taken I can see the seal lilac we miss one loop and the next column
  • 04:06: knit through one loop knit 10 columns together with this time two three 4 5 6 7 8 910 again we untying
  • 04:37: cantilevered column do the CAPITAL we go down on row 1 below this jumper cling pull a string loop the knot cap and loop and we sew two loops together with us the second the column is missing there is only one column and again we knit 10 bars without cape in this way knit to the end of the row
  • 05:09: let's start knitting 4 series we make a loop lifting and knitting 6 posts 6 column with us
  • 05:39: is directly above cushion now we are tying cantilevered column in one year that is shift akimat way but bars one in each row next row with us the series 7 will begin columns without a crochet through a row with 8 9 out of 10 now I see when
  • 06:09: there will be 10 bars at the beginning of the series I will show how to launch my post drawing with us repeated rapport the picture is repeated every 10 rows in result when will last a lot series of figures it turns out tactical fraud that the drawing consists of some zigzags are not even strips, although at the very I already said in the beginning despite its usefulness
  • 06:39: intricacy the pattern is very it 's easy I erupted in series which began with 10 columns without a crochet now it's time to launch new stripes billets from the extreme loops raise the loop I will say it again be sure we tie one air loop rise and begin row from column with
  • 07:09: with us a new series art miss one loop 1 bar of the bottom row we knit 10 columns without a crochet that is drawing at us repeated by knitting up to we still need a height again I repeat that we tie the bars behind the back wall loops of 10 columns without
  • 07:40: накида 1 column with at a time series are issued on row below and repeat drawing even at this stage It is seen here as we have a picture is formed I have everything on this and I hope that told and showed everything is clear and live with pleasure and everything bye Bye