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Master class a hat with ears and addition to mk for a doll the Pretty girl  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear friends are small video I shot for those girls who bought a master class by dolls of cutie it dawned on me I decided with you to share how can be done dress straight stitch it whole and put on a doll that is not
  • 00:30: sews up a dress back as we used to it was done like a video master class shown I decided with you share means all the same only our head while do not sew soap latest moment they have postponed us now it is necessary to sew with you a bodice and below this striped skirt top off 0 how to say something
  • 01:01: width of stitch 5 millimeters and collect all these are wrinkles like only we are all collect and sew was back middle seam sewing is not leaving no cut holes and so further and dress on chrysalis on the hill oh on neck pupae what's there we are left where to sew a head and at us payment is ready dress the dress already when there is a doll
  • 01:31: legs and panties here such a little one lifhak wanted with you share because this way is very I liked the room gostrey is quickly done no mahrov hands sew nothing you need to sew everything on the typewriter and more to you I want to say
  • 02:03: 2 second news the first news was for those who bought master class and the second news for all i at last took a master class on hats with ears now I'll show you these pupae then they will be at the end in the very end of the video now we are crying I'll show you how to sew two ways one platishka is simple stick and the second with
  • 02:33: wrists just the fabric is the same just sticks are different the finish that is options mass just here are your fantasy is included and you start 6 and I also want to say to collect a skirt best to do two lines two parallel friend of the line with Out of the corner over here having retreated to 0 2
  • 03:03: millimeter the first a line made and having retreated to 0 4 millimeter 2 order in limit when you are so collect the tissue from you will be very smooth sew this fabric this skirt is a cliff because that if you collect one line then show there will be a plump duck you know can say a few wrinkles and will be very difficult I would sew it all up like this well and all ironing iron
  • 03:33: our dress sew the middle seam we put on a doll what was with flour struggled was distracted cafe sorry something
  • 04:05: was himself again flew not to the end with it fought that's all join the middle seam you probably understood yes that's all you can see shown we sew it together single line is not leaving no there open cuts in open in general one line sewn or in a skirt all this way and so
  • 04:37: just I hope I'll put on it's understandable, yes was but to me very much liked the way talking in the fall a chrysalis now more faster do not need personal arms deal sew and following master class i I will probably do it sneakers to the fact that some puffed up incomprehensible then you do not understand
  • 05:07: how to do it will do master class park we will have time I'll show that I'm there when glued in front an item such gizmo usually head in-general wait for something 2 platishko the same all the same here White finished with showers underwear 9 two lines we now we collect it all tighten and just sewing
  • 05:39: so, well , let me tell you I will tell about master class on hats finally I took it off it was very uncomfortable very uncomfortable I this made the price master class on two hundred seventy two ruble well it together with account with the commission there by a break threshold general then The price I think accessible I try value to do
  • 06:09: accessible because I myself know how it is it is important to learn how it is important to learn new things and how important it is to further there was money so master class more includes another cap just with pompomchikom ie there are two caps they absolutely identical they just have different finish once again i want just emphasize and show that both on you can actually
  • 06:39: one detail change the doll image Here is the same dress somehow the first but the cog is sewn from below raisins already another is obtained another image of a doll we performed the head we sew up already then at the very end and A nose where and well that there you all already know by master class all the rest goes like how it did not go so well it's simple
  • 07:09: workpieces of a doll it turns out faster time is saved a lot of these hats with ears with ears and with dumplings thank all for attention link for video while