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  • 00:00: good afternoon my dear today who with Milk cakes and canvas so soft in the same time crumbly and brittle such dairy Korzhiki sold to our school she was always very fond of dining and what same happiness that there were Soviet production recipes that you can recount and cook these biscuits at home so let's start with cooking Milk syrup and for syrup to us You will need 80 grams of milk and I warm up the milk with 200 grams sugar and when heated, we want
  • 00:31: sugar completely dissolved us Milk does not need to be boiled somewhere around seventy eighty degrees Celsius before hovering remove the sauté pan from the fire and add it there. 100 grams of butter original recipe I'm using margarine yet I prefer to use butter I used butter 82 percent fat dissolve butter we pour our syrup capacity which we
  • 01:03: We will knead the dough and give it completely Cool to room temperature also for recipe we need one chicken medium egg egg half-egg nail file we will be used for cooking dough all that's left we use for lubricating the skin as before baking will need 400 grams of flour me this time and here is such a flour Extra fine wheat marking 405 df buy the Baltic states and specially cite
  • 01:35: and you need a baking powder that's it. carbon dioxide about it 4 grams that in a glass is baking soda 2 grams a loosen them say on the go So our milk syrup cooled down add there half the egg a few drops vanilla essence for perfume to me here this and add baking powder and food 2 grams of soda and 4 grams of carbon dioxide and then everything is very very good stir to us completely dissolved baking powder and a couple of words on
  • 02:05: the choice of baking powder in Soviet recipes milk dirty how their gingerbreads are used here is this a couple of razor glue or baking soda and carbonic acid and they have a very good disintegrating ability if u you do not have ammonium carbonate in Moscow it is almost impossible to buy it I quote specifically from germanium Instead of soda and ammonium carbonate take 2 teaspoons baking powder for dough mix with flour and here on this flour with with a baking powder you knead the dough for
  • 02:37: This time he managed to add flour and we quickly knead the dough for a long time to knead To mix dough it is not necessary for them the same time it is necessary to achieve its homogeneity there is a knead such a dough dough It will be tightened and the cat will turn out dense mixing process is necessary add a little flour I added two dining rooms spoons and, incidentally , a couple more words about I met milk recipes Parschikov where as a baking powder
  • 03:08: used only baking soda without baking powder for dough without carbon dioxide ammonium Only they took it in large quantities say to the amount of test you need take one two teaspoons of course soda gives the taste a special flavor aftertaste it affects the vagueness of the dough when baking well if there is no ammonium, then you can To use simply simply here such song and got the result look it can collect it and then
  • 03:38: the same time that's how it is completely easily breaks it's a good sign this knows that the test is not developed perry cabin then we ourselves did not drag out In it there is no elasticity and it means Korzhiki our will turn out crumbly after kneading You can put the test for 10-15 minutes into fridge is not for it to be good cooled down and froze in order to just slightly cooled it was easier and easier roll spread the dough on dusted with flour table and roll out if you want to
  • 04:09: biscuits turned out soft it roll out not very thinly the thickness of rolling is slightly less than a centimeter about a centimeter and if you want to live and turned out to be crispy roll thinly Of course, the result is not quite as long as the cheeks that sold before we are also very delicious my baby by the way they like it is crispy biscuits the rolled dough is sliced I do not have the right shape of my diameter
  • 04:42: Forms 10 centimeters and the result to me we got 10 biscuits cuttings collected and then we again roll out the center it is convenient to get the cut off with the help of Knife especially if you cut the dough very sparingly and then sliced Korzhiki very carefully transferred to
  • 05:14: baking paper as a test case can be rolled and cut directly to paper for baking we spread the loaf free, since when baking, they will increase in size then we spread the biscuits with a spreading egg We are left half of the egg and will bake at 200 210 degrees Celsius 10-12 minutes to light blushing is the most important thing to wait for our biscuits to be very
  • 05:44: well in advance because as a result it turns crispy I'm not saying what it is bad but will not work out by others and such what were the dining room so if you want so that the biscuits are not soft Do not overdo it and they should strongly blush slightly from the bottom from above here look cats pretty pale let cool completely and there are not 2 The opposite was 10 biscuits let completely cool our biscuits ready
  • 06:15: See what they turned out on the fault soft but at the same time breaking in my vzgyad milk biscuits failed they turned out exactly what I like them I remember from my distant school childhood as they were in our school cafeteria So our biscuits are ready for me to stay with to wish a pleasant tea party cook a simple cat recipe very delicious thanks for being with me We watched the video and all of you
  • 06:46: kind