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Маринуем огурцы по корейски на зиму  See details »

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  • 00:00: and [music] [applause] [music] [music] friends hello tonight we will do harvesting for the winter cucumbers in Korean [music] [applause] [music]
  • 00:31: first prepare a marinade for this in I spread out 100 grams of sugar 50 grams of half a spoonful of coriander add here black ground pepper
  • 01:01: about the same half tea spoon can smoke through and I will add the red hot pepper this you can add later you pour it here 25 grams of vegetable oil and 30 grams milliliters nine percent vinegar now all this It is necessary to heat on medium heat constantly
  • 01:33: stirring and bring to a boil here you see my marinade is boiling very little need to cook it now turn off the plate I'll put the saucepan on. cover and leave the marinade a little bit like this.
  • 02:05: stand a while a flock of marinade a little bit stand we 'll make vegetables half a kilogram carrots must be grated for Korean carrots If such is not present that is possible on any other or just cut it with a straw carrot We rubbed it and now we cut it cucumbers only two cucumbers kg
  • 02:37: you can use and here are such already more cucumbers who outgrew only cut off them tips and cut cucumbers can be cut in several ways you can do here such small small circles can be cut a cucumber or you can cut into small blocks I will cut into small pieces like this I cut the cucumber into 3 parts and after this in half and on here such here small pieces of cucumbers and carrots ready
  • 03:10: carrots need a little straight good so the memory that she gave the cucumber juice and so juicy in it that's how hands and shift to cucumbers now here in carrots and cucumbers squeeze out the garlic I'll take 4 cloves of garlic can do a little less can do two or three
  • 03:44: clove of garlic according to your taste now vegetables need to mix well with garlic so that they are soaked and gave juice directly with hands that mix carrot with cucumber and garlic a little bit of them pressed so that they the juice was mixed well until we leave them and now take a pickle
  • 04:15: which we prepared it again warm up so that it boils and after that we'll fill it with vegetables pick up the marinade from the plate and pour straight boiling marinade vegetables vegetables mixed well and now
  • 04:51: we transfer to clean dry banks in jars like this here well Tamp the salad and pour the resulting brine is now covered lids were closed with lids and cleaned in refrigerator here are cucumbers in Korean for the winter I got subscribe to my channel to Learn about the release of new videos and
  • 05:22: leave your comments [music] [applause] [music]