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Tunisian knitting. A grid with air loops  See details »

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  • 00:00: Tunisian crochet with air mesh loops We begin to knit mesh with the chain of stitches We recruit odd amount of air loops 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Now we step back two
  • 00:34: chain loop introduce hook in the third loop and pull out the thread provyazyvaem Air loop again retreat one loop in the second input hook provyazyvaem air loop, and so We go through one loop air chain pull the thread and provyazyvaem air loop so we go to the end of the series
  • 01:04: skip one loop pulling thread provyazyvaem air loop and the last loop as provyazyvaem Air loop here at we have 13 loops primary chain got 7 stitches and 6 knit little windows fixing the number of provyazyvaem 2 Air knit loop
  • 01:34: two loops together loop airbag 2 with air 2 together airbag 2 together airbag 2 together and the last Here again we I get the first row Here is such a mesh then recruit one air loop Intake air
  • 02:04: the previous loop a series of pull thread provyazyvaem Air loop also We are entering a loop previous row and just knit until the end of the frame pulling a thread and provyazyvaya air loop pulled thread air loop at the end of series we need to get here in the air here loop to the corner of his we
  • 02:34: It was smooth as provyazyvaem air loop second row close 2 also air loop 2 together loop airbag 2 together so we go to the end of series 2 air together airbag 2 together here is the
  • 03:05: this mesh is now see what happens when I So I will bind more Knit yet ascariasis and I have now turned such mesh It is very similar to sirloin grid usually associated crochet pattern is not that is, a two-way front side recalls knitting spokes are here stripes of face loops tracked by wrong side of drawing is not
  • 03:35: like anything but can also be somewhere applied himself The sample was prepared thin tracery almost like when knitting usual So I hook for comparisons take sample and bound Tunisian grid It is seen that here is a sample with air loops it generally is thinner seen in thickness
  • 04:05: This openwork mesh elastic ie well suited for knitting summer things or what is generally the openwork fragments Here is such a mesh with air loops