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  • 00:00: hello everybody this channel easy to prepare and I Olga Matvei today we will cook hepatic ducts see how they are will look like section is this bright tasty juicy beauty is cold appetizer is prepared they quickly sell succumb to any table and holiday gets them very means a lot and want say that the recipe it's not mine, I'm a little bit so I will slightly open the veil I announced a competition on your channel on home recipe which will be included in book that which will be released already early December so Here are the results I
  • 00:31: I will announce later then book already released but recipe which from subscribers who will go into this book this is exactly this winner and chickens petite I will say about this will later be released movie when the book he already received hands but Innochka I'm your congratulations here I'm preparing your recipe because you must necessarily cook release before will book because that all recipes from videos on so i need be sure to do movie here today prepare your dish I
  • 01:02: he cooked at home chose what's here find how to blow I liked it most of all well, how about find something that I liked the fact that Here for the main so here on the soul more these are just some that my taste is very not tasty a lot inexpensive such know universal snack here is this beauty but in general talked for a long time prepare [music] I have beef and beef here.
  • 01:37: chicken liver as option you can use some one that is elite elite not be sure to do a mix of chicken she's already as it were small pieces we send it directly to blender beef the liver is cut into small pieces and we send also in blender chicken perry liver send to the container where we will knead dough is now all I salt and pepper I take 4 large eggs
  • 02:08: if you have small eggs you can take 5 so here beat the eggs corolla mixed eggs are not necessarily their whipping to a foam I send or send in a liver and here I pour in milk Milk does not matter with refrigerator it or no norris matty like me do we add a part milk milk we set aside a little disturb so I 'll add more
  • 02:39: salt and these pancakes made from liver they love salt and we send flour a bit special milk leave I finally have happened homogeneous dough for Idea it's all possible whisk what do you want so whisk it all submersible blender because of the lumps flour was not placed near me in a whisk so add the remaining milk I think that
  • 03:10: if a couple of lumps from there will be nothing left for flour look terrible what in the end is the dough for the density turned out when we do pancake cake there the dough is thicker because well somehow mouth with layers smeared and here should be a little bit thinner and when tried this recipe if you do denser in uncomfortable will wrap up so do not be scared and so fry for vegetable oil I I take the silicone layer their little
  • 03:40: and so fry from two parties are fried they quickly well behind from a frying pan pour the ladle distribute to frying pan and frying pancakes I'm already of course all prepared but for now you cook cooking dough for pancakes you can cook eggs clean all vegetables so look very much well behind the first pancake I I usually do it like that
  • 04:10: first try do I like salt on pepper if must be added to the total mass and until fry all the rest while I'm here fry'll stay very gentle they are obtained thin is not good baked see what they are are elastic and that's you see see they are not break it means that they are good will wrap up keep the form break do not do too dough here is how the recipe there is and
  • 04:40: stick to me pushed the pancakes and in just 20 minutes 30 pancakes from me happened look they here such soft they do not break they will be fine like this wrap up look what thin hope you it is visible here such thin pancake is not frighten does not break he does not tear very much elastic I would said it is very a good recipe and the proportions are here for such here of the hepatic pancakes well in the first thing I want tell a mix beef liver and
  • 05:12: chicken liver find beef liver tastier but how I like the taste more but tenderness gives the chicken liver if I do liver cake only on beef Lets assume pancakes are obtained more hardening because it's not like that tender liver so it seems to me that you can safely take this one test case add more flour and do hepatic the cake is more delicious pancakes I set aside in prepare large frying pan oil and begin cut onion bulb
  • 05:42: in half cut into semirings and then cut them into sections thinly sliced ​​onions just like this in half cut and all the main thin cut the frying pan send vegetable oil and sending bow means I want to say that the onions in this recipe is best for my opinion is not Too fry I its gray the last time doing posed
  • 06:12: so that he mellow like this means when the onion just start be gentle and transparent and pepper until the onion fried natrem carrots on a large grater when the bow became so transparent see he see fully transparent we will salute him pepper we send from above carrot mix and stew until done
  • 06:42: carrots while frying we will prepare the roast you know that by mask Pancake on himself on small grater I I rub boiled with boiled eggs then time when I rub the egg is near here I was cleaned and clean brushed garlic so we do with garlic garlic I I love but this business taste in the recipe too there was garlic but here see for yourself too
  • 07:13: like this we rub on grater and so alternate eggs garlic in the last case can be taken on garlic here in eggs are added mayonnaise and spoon sour cream now everything stir to homogeneity of carrots I'm ready now here I send several dining rooms spoons of sour cream means too much sour cream do not need it written here was on prescription 34 but here I am adding somewhere 2 large 3 so that
  • 07:44: was too liquid just like that mixed and yes, all intermixed disable here see the form so that sour cream did not swim so little egg we can not you want to cross pepper and in the recipe it would not be said it is clear that salt I need everything ready, I would here added more garlic or Honestly well in general the more I like when more garlic
  • 08:14: I love it's all cold should be slightly cool down, try everything tabletop in front of everything was delicious for you now we collect hence see pancake has two the parties are one darker the other is lighter to me more like it when the dark side upstairs therefore we lay down and o the dark side down now when I'm frying pancakes I have one edge thinner and second more dense that's the dense side to myself now start with egg mask well I did conclusion that when
  • 08:44: personal to the walkways not too much so little is obtained More juicy but you too do not overdo it to he returned for you now I will show how did i look how old am I here spread well thin enough but not so that you know was directly glowing here so where now I take carrot stuffing but the filling is too I would not do much
  • 09:14: add like this look somewhere a tablespoon is not more distribute like this over the whole pancake now a pancake wrap and cut like this is obtained in half this is the beauty within see how it looks lay out on a plate like this cut if you will serve directly now but very much here
  • 09:44: so delicious leaves when we manufactured in in general we did them and simultaneously gel they fly away really very fast too great carrot I repeat the layer not do here with me more like it when my father is not very much like this can wrap more denser is obtained Here is a sausage store conveniently if y you have some such containers rectangular so you can store it after the refrigerator
  • 10:14: it is even denser in fridge but grasped better I will show here how beautifully cut off piece and try means what I want say it happened I have 30 such tubes if cut into half turns out 60 and such launch very a lot of everything is wrapped up fast enough in generally literally an hour and a half and everything the whole appetizer is ready it is ready to be stored
  • 10:44: in a refrigerator but served cold very tasty while we we did it all ate and while fried this pancake is barely therefore in general do more because that they will sweep away everything problem thin spicy pancake very delicate pancake is not even immediately it is clear that he hepatic because within and so delicious filling not immediately it is clear that up to hepatic pancake I immediately say add more garlic can be it in my opinion
  • 11:14: taste but I would add still there heading only codec boldly very tasty it turns out juicy it turns out not not dry and even after refrigerator is not not dry I think it's very cool appetizer you get a lot of it inexpensively possible feed a large crowd and most importantly if this holiday is made such rolls all ate everyone is happy with everything enough and even two on three pieces and also well , well Here is such a delicious otherwise I'll take you one more time
  • 11:44: congratulations, thank you you are great for the recipe this is just unreal it's tasty try on these weekends make and My family I think that you will all stay are satisfied but all results from the book who won what? it will be later because only here the first number from it goes to print we we get it in the beginning months early December and there I already announced results will show him alive in general this is then another I still want the video say what else several recipes so to say subdued my heart
  • 12:14: but in the book I can not accommodate everything therefore there will be several more prizes be sure Wait for the start December there I will announce but on the results recipe they entered the book and There are a few recipes that we really liked you will also receive books but the secret is general yanochka I congratulate you thank you for such a cool cool snack to all thanks I will not talk much put it and subscribe to channel thank you so much Prepare the Innocents on weekends for the whole
  • 12:44: families for now