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  • 00:00: all the good afternoon today I suggest cook with me one of the most delicious kinds of biscuits Well at As for my personal taste, let cook today a cookie of gas and league a then as it is called recently somehow It is more common to be righteous like a rich man on the last layer and so for this it takes two and a half a glass of flour left me sifted specially measure because I measure everything here are such measured cups and a glass of matsoni but I do not have so I'm taking this
  • 00:31: here you see a thick spoon is sour Milk whether the yogurt take if you take some more liquid product of kefir type then take it in half with sour cream one and a half tablespoons sugar egg vanillin teaspoon baking powder 150 grams of butter cooled cubed salt and let's cook as I am already said flour sieved added here 10 a gram of vanilla sugar tea spoon baking powder tea floor
  • 01:01: a spoonful of soda a pinch of salt one and a half two Spoons 1 and 2 let be incomplete and so all this can be mixed and added butter and now everything will be needed this is chopped in a crumb I will
  • 01:34: I can use this knife here to say that this acquisition is pleasing me right at every use great just a thing to do some Shortbread dough and cookie preparation pies to crumb for builder where the mouth where you need to cut the flour with butter just a great thing in general do crumb or ordinary knife it is possible
  • 02:06: to make either a generally cooled oil it was possible to grate on a grater and also try rubbing and we add sour milk as It is an empty cup of egg and mix dough flour different
  • 02:38: if it suddenly turns dry, add either yet sour milk a spoon or a spoon sour cream if liquid is naturally add flour I see that to me will have to add a little flour at held the working surface of the table with flour and now I spread the dough and already finally knead mixing not very tightly but also not
  • 03:15: sticking dough to the hands here is the ready-made dough look she does not stick to her hand but all it still remains a delicate form java click on such nezhnenkaya now you need to cool it, you can do it one hour in the fridge and can it be Do not waste time and do not I love cooking these kinds of dough freezer so I ship
  • 03:47: dough pack it in a bag and send to the freezer can be a little bit make it more flat so that it rather cooled to dough cools namely 15 freezer we take more butter I I take the usual if you have melted certainly will be correct take melted butter for filling in ready I slightly just warm it up microwave seconds 30 more A glass of flour will also measure these
  • 04:19: Cups and a glass of sugar and a sachet vanilla sugar 10 years of such a the melted state of heating 30 seconds of oil and just add everything Ingredients Also a glass and connect it should such baby will not dry or wet
  • 04:52: that is, she must now be poured from her hands if suddenly overdone with oil or much it all finally melted the you can add more on a spoonful of flour or sugar in general, adjust with one We can easily do this here On the other hand, it continues to here to crumble our hands while done the filling of the dough has cooled down well fridge shit exactly in half here
  • 05:23: already one part I have one half rather, the pen and roll out the profit and him copies of the need to roll you are not strong thick not only can 0405 millimeter I even slightly overexposed veins then rolled perry cooled Well, what can I do about it, well, I do not like wait for 2 hours as long as it's lying down
  • 05:56: in the refrigerator just without a freezer and we divide exactly this stuffing someone to make stuffing drier beret Chilled oil by the way if you have it remains and it is perfectly possible to freeze I like this kind of all the same more humid I do not know how the original Armenian
  • 06:29: mistress did from here this stuffing all the same more dry or wet to me we all in one way or another tried one recipe will substitute it for your taste I like this way that's why I began to pile up slightly the oil is not up to end but slightly lay out the filling and roll the roll slightly you can squeeze it with your hand
  • 07:01: we fix it to the edges I also closed the edges now take the fork and draw on it
  • 07:35: pattern and you can do it after reverse side both after smog zhete possible before cut it is possible it is possible obliquely it is possible exactly impose as you like and put on the sheet you can
  • 08:12: triangles like this cut and catches a biscuits large enough could be divided into four parts of the test, and these Here is the roll and do more small can and for this way here cut where the cookie smeared but still yolk just the oven is heated by 180
  • 08:45: 190 degrees and bake in the same way and turn off the second roll and until baked the first portion and its We send in the refrigerator here for this wrapped in baking paper and put in refrigerator first leaf ready baked me not exactly 17 minutes look like this for 15 to 20 minutes of course if you do this
  • 09:15: cookies are less then and the time between years be also doing him some patterns fork cut out spread on the sheet and lubricate again yolk bake the second batch I am also ready to grease the second sheet still a spoonful of honey if honey is sugared slightly melt its second part call only from the oven
  • 09:46: It would seem like sugar stuffing goes a lot but in fact they are quite at all slightly sweet, so that's it here in azure honey does not spoil it at all well, will improve well and let's compare result methods of slicing with a coating of honey and without here is this plate the first batch chopped with triangles like this
  • 10:17: look like this is so amazingly delicious and course cookie delicate and delicious dough this is the caramelized filling it just really, really delicious the fragrance costs from this batch unusual this is the second batch cut already monotonously here so obliquely
  • 10:47: and covered with honey but you here it is practically almost does not like to dry but they are still warm I suggest you try this recipe because this is an extraordinary delicacy on 1 it is simply impossible to stop all I wish you a pleasant tea successful reptile
  • 11:18: and and see you soon on my channel until [music]