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  • 00:00: native ask tasty pies and you simply do not have time to tinker with test then cook a cake for 7 minutes by company prescription Allochka Kovalchuk alla well what to say every woman once thought would be bake cakes every day to surprise and make your family happy and then in some the moment you waved so hand all I have a girlfriend her husband and two children adore cakes and she's in
  • 00:30: principle can Cook but she says but I do I can not for days on end stand by the stove the birth of a well I do not bake you feel lego but surely yes and in for a moment she you told me sorry but pies once a month for a big holiday and here suddenly in conversation with little girl I hear in 7 minutes what are these miracles such There is such that that but they are just the final honestly need agree on such a I myself know the case
  • 01:02: their own recipes I still know from my youth such pies as called the guests on doorstep favorite quick cake and the like, and family nothing I suspect white wish't I was cooking it just 8 hours not extends the pie just ready valid up to 7 minutes and today this we will prepare the pie you will find and but for 7 minutes baking, we have more never prepared so I'm curious who of you my dear bakes still and who has how much
  • 01:32: time is spent on it who will share their experience so I rarely peak because for this needs a lot time if yeast dough is 45 hours and yet we are still and you have to come up well in general, it turns out noon thanks to who I still have experience sand pie when a peak of one and a half to two hours leaves until the dough for a month while in the refrigerator a new lies down later still rubbing and you you tell everyone a minute moose not but I want Immediately say that did not become that of deceived the Kovalchuk he will bake
  • 02:02: us in the oven 30 minutes but we will cook its 7 minus how many mess with those there's actually saying that we discussed and here everything minutes but how is it maybe possible but I myself said it is not my recipe such a recipe shared with me my old friend to be honest bulgarian recipe is preparing a gene really delicious Well, I tried I liked it I cook this pie very very long time ago recipe for this pie here the bulk pie without kneading the dough
  • 02:33: but that is, we simply all of us and but that's all that's mound and all was on the sofa TV watch not interesting at least someone can believe that instead of one and a half hours Allochka will be cook cake before how to send it in the oven only 7 minutes tell me who would believe it either someone just needs to very quickly now we go to record you 7 minutes and and ready to form here's a pie for to send it to oven once allochkoj You yourself said that we go to the record and I
  • 03:03: also inclined calling proud here's my stopwatch and I'll give you seven minutes and when these seven minutes you will end or show the pie which we immediately we'll send it to the oven or so either or or for I'll dance it to you like you and not ask you to dance tell everyone about stool is also not sing no . will you ride one foot around my big
  • 03:33: table three times shocked by jump rope let's now we are allochka make five four three two one reverse countdown and I click on Stopwatch 345 grams let's go la bella alina then told us there I do take now in a glass flour half a cup manki half a cup of sugar as are you stars now minutes of service one teaspoon soda spoon or baking powder 3 teaspoonful
  • 04:03: spoons all this stir it all we make a spoon a duck do not expect me I will help you you need something from me busy the first secret of the recipe mix all dry oil ingredients should be like this homogeneous without lumps it's all very easy so the dough We are ready now apples clean start he has four apple but I have large enough there will be three alusia sugar you put sugar on of course do not confuse me we are doing today
  • 04:33: small cake therefore we take only half a cup maybe more knead yeah just 7 minutes want to quickly to have time than this a good recipe is very easy to remember all half cup sugar sugar a glass of flour half-glass plank floor glasses and tea a spoonful of soda apples, sour, sweet to take apples take sweet and sour but most importantly so that they succulent here very much a useful recipe the most long in this recipe it's clean and
  • 05:03: rub two apples minutes passed no longer frighten us with rubbing on a large grater so apples grated now I'm fast chop the nuts you see allochka you just such an honest and diligently I could would have nuts in advance crush say that it was and Allochka is includes all minutes in they wali praise praise you will find me to praise so add here nuts raisin guest raisins I soaked in advance fired
  • 05:33: add cinnamon because apples and cinnamon is teaspoon and lemon juice for so as not to lose and will naturally give taste like everything on 10 ready stuffing ready it's been three already half a minute exactly half of the allotted time I now remembered when I and we are these sergeants it told me completely undressed Trout for three minutes my god I had back wet that shape we take such parchment I'm already
  • 06:04: sent freezer oil 3 secret take frozen butter to make it easier rub for we take 100 gram at 50 grams we we rub on the bottom of the mold and 50 then to the top pie, alan can not Here you will believe directly itching straight here here I take a grater Yes, and rub the oil ouch thank you, thank you great distribute oil by form now take our dry dry ingredients dough and pour
  • 06:34: make a layer of you-then yes the first layer is not very not very high and here so here we make separately dry mix OK was distributed as follows All now we take apples and lay out puppies you look what is the beauty I really like this idea remains only minutes and 20 minute 20 seconds minutes to 20 so here so-here a spoon good trombone deceived the most important thing
  • 07:04: remember if apples you are not juicy can add a little syrup that is water warm with sugar that there were apples damp even forgot the oven include how much is 180 degrees next layer closed apples and pour the most importantly remember that here in our pie there will be 2 interlayers apples and turns three layers of dough the most important thing is that at the top necessarily
  • 07:35: was a layer of dough remains 40 seconds Lord some 40 seconds separate all from a wonderful control of the jump on one leg around table and oil overwrite the top 15 seconds five seconds 5 a Allochka coped with
  • 08:07: 6 minutes and 55 seconds we send for 30 minutes as I have said went pie water it seems half an hour and he will be ready here we are we extract in bulk Pie is good and Madame and 5 minutes before readiness open the oven and wake up from the top just sugar for so that such
  • 08:37: the crust turned out and here there is also a crust blush and aroma to him of course you need to cool down a bit right now, as the raid on the and most importantly this pie he reveals its taste when completely cold we are now coffee pot and already will we have our treat please either nescafe classic cheerfulness for the whole day . we still let it be today all I did was not in time find out where you come from such recipe interesting thing is that a legend
  • 09:07: means my girlfriend she is generally married to Bulgarian they live they here and here is the flower constantly prepares this pie and now she gave this recipe but disappeared she when we we come there also I want to tell us as much as possible about Bulgaria here she tells that one girl she was in love with a guy but this guy is very loved know it all tasty but she I wanted to shine before so that she took getting married well is something bake some pie prepared for all products poured but probably the cook you knew how says the forgotten
  • 09:37: knead the dough simply dry everything and thinks I'll go probably I molochkom all this zalyu you went to milk The cow comes and this time someone put in the oven this skin is like this We had the form and the groom comes tried the winter so liked and tell her the muzhik photo pie prepared harm and such here what are my golden she got married in such a legend was not I know everything as usual on stenochkam pass knife and did not will you say that they poured just before baked
  • 10:08: olsen but the fact is that here charlotte prepared strudel do not want to dough dough exactly apple start china try a very Soon now write down recipe take flour semolina sugar cinnamon baking powder apples creamy oil nuts and raisins mix dry ingredients apples clean and grate on grater form for baking frozen butter fill in a few spoons of dry mixture to cover the bottom
  • 10:38: lay out a layer of apples with raisins of the era in the world another layer of dry mixtures then a layer of apples layer dry ingredients sprinkle the top of the pie grated oil and send to the oven heated up to 180 degrees for 30 minutes for 5 minutes to go bake powder sugar pie to crust formed ready cake cool and decorate powdered sugar mint leaves so never tried pirate who then minutes were kneaded cooked up
  • 11:08: ready to see up such a deception here witness look how much do we cut it seems our problems resolved we will not be more fiddle with a dough if we do not have time we will simply pour pie and all on foot what is it? straight terrain from chopsticks keeps the form and at the same time time can be seen that he such know gentle lively stuffing a lot I'm telling you this and that left nadenka today I will treat
  • 11:38: gold guitar actively with me supported try it friends first i I'll suddenly try you it will not be all is it true that Allochka will seem all I offended oh sorry In these cases, I must be strict and rightly I try the same but this is not a cake it's a cake of some sort unusual product it's very unusual impression that the dough
  • 12:09: it is nowhere in general except this one crispy tender crusts impossible believe that this is so easily and quickly to cook yes what am I chatting now all my guests think nadya shut up already let the deer bring We pie to alusya we cut and we treat so amazing and I'll bring it how is that cold yes yes Yes, yes, well, that nadenka I will go I congratulate you on victory today thanks, I drive up gave it to me
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