Шьем берет с ушками для БЖД куклы  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my name is Marina and this A small video sewing lesson she takes Both are dolls this boy is a format sd or one to three patterns for this lesson free access can be found in my group in contact, the link will be at the bottom in description for this video for work we need a few parts and these are two details of the ticket itself and You will need 4 parts for your ears ears can make any size which you like it more and we start with the ears
  • 00:31: we turn them inside out and sew angle as I show on the video to The final stitches turned out to be even and the fabric did not fly out anywhere. or needles or a thread and here we have two cat's ears now we need to sew a cutout for Note that the cutout for
  • 01:02: heads with incisions they will help neatly To bend this edge we fold the edges and stitch in a circle [music] that's what the cut-out for head from the wrong side and now the last action we need to sew a period and Try on the ears without a slot face to itself then put Ears with tips to the center of the part and from above
  • 01:33: we put the second part with a slotted facial side to the ears not slipped out when you do The final seam is attached with needles and Here is a cute beret with felines I got my ears decorated with it a bow with asterisks so that it does not seemed empty for tailoring this product I used a fabric with a pile and now he takes himself like some shaggy animal
  • 02:05: if you liked the video then put it thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I invite everyone to my group in contact and the profile in the instagram is all huge Thanks for viewing I wish you creative success yet [music]