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  • 00:00: Good day dear subscribers and visitors channel yielding agar you Tatiana I'm glad all welcome to its channel today I want to show you amazing tasty recipe of Eggplant is very delicious salad that simultaneously and a snack you can have both in and in the cold hot and believe this salad nobody indifferent and it is very beautiful name eggplant paradise indeed
  • 00:30: It lives up to its the name of preparing very easy to very quick and easy to taste turns simply delicious if I have intrigued by this salad then stay on see my channel video to the end for today prescription us need two large eggplant 1 large onion medium beam cilantro 2 garlic cloves 1 tablespoon loyalty is not sour cream is absolutely
  • 01:00: irrelevant 80 100 gram of solid cheese varieties and about half a teaspoon spoon hops-suneli as well as salt to taste cleanse first thing eggplants from the skins for this to use such cleaning vegetables like this Here's a very easy, we clean the skin of skin cleaned very thinly we will give it taste salad will be more
  • 01:30: delicate texture also and eggplant will not taste bitter eggplant cut into neat small cubes a heated pan pour Little refined sunflower oil put sliced eggplant fried eggplant over medium heat while the lid is open periodically
  • 02:00: stir until eggplant fried in it time sliced ​​onions chopped onion add eggplant and Now with eggplant onions fried in medium heat for 15-20 minutes well done and do not forget periodically stir to vegetables are scorched while fried eggplant with onions rub cheese on a coarse grater and cut into small greens and also finely
  • 02:30: chopped garlic shortly before willingness to add salt to taste just add them to the I found about forest half a teaspoon stir and through A couple of minutes add the rest of Ingredients add sour cream one tablespoon chopped garlic green are all well
  • 03:01: stir and the last ingredient which adds almost immediately it grated on big cheese grater now all carefully to mix in we turned homogeneous mass Cheese should be slightly melted and our salad is almost
  • 03:30: ready at this time we extinguish the fire of our salad fully prepared left apply it on the table Put the salad on dish [music] he Well this wonderfully tasty Salad is ready serve you Can your discretion to decorate any incisions vegetables and herbs that is, it's all
  • 04:00: I wish all your I recommend this shop from which you absolutely love Cooking is easy only available products and the taste just superb and it I want salad always ready it is, as you can right after cooking more warm and give him infuse some from time, he it turns more This delicious salad It will be wonderful snack and excellent replacement Julien as he It is very similar in taste
  • 04:31: for mushrooms, I think that This simple salad godsend for many hostesses and your guests will be asked to sure you this recipe delicious salad I highly recommend to all this salad and hope my recipe for you if you like enjoyed my current video is do not forget to put Like and share this recipe with his friends in in social networks with you was Tatiana 7 all the best to all Bon Appetit and all bye bye
  • 05:00: [music]