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  • 00:00: today we will prepare stunning delicious gravy of Soviet times for cutlets also in it cook from yourself cutlets to whom interesting stay with me [music] Cutlets baked in
  • 01:03: vegetable oil forests while cop cover to brightly golden colors on both sides first on a large capacity then we subtract turn over and each side times we put out on low power for cover look what they are magnificent at what an amazing their taste here small cutlet which remained on I cut the sample pay attention to
  • 01:33: red-hot fry the pan two tablespoons with top of the flour and pass it to light brown colors that is we conquer on fire that it will give in the first place sauce gain unusual taste and color secondly, it does not there will be lumps god article sauce you choose yourself [music]
  • 02:04: [music] [laugh]
  • 02:56: [music] now give sauce
  • 03:43: quit leveling to elastic consistency sauce see only garlic white pieces no grains of flour on it stage but we try it for salt, see what a delight turned out I add black pepper to taste a also I have fennel it frozen already on
  • 04:16: your taste put on the plate bring to a boil at constant stirring everything nothing more to us it takes . sauce boiled mixed and now here we will spread our delicious cutlets Of course, the sauce can be to use directly this kind of gravy
  • 04:46: pasta potatoes even without meat delicious is obtained in such sauce boil sausages try you will like it very much then the sauce will meat taste can be serve at once garnish of cutlets boiled sauce exactly five minutes from me parties now turn on the other side and give boil them five more
  • 05:17: minutes under closed lid is not wet must evaporate look now what kind of sauce is produced rich very tasty as soon as cutlets 5 minutes at a time clean them up cold burner and cook the side dish cutlets ready feat ready and ready garnish now we serve [music]
  • 05:48: not [music] Bon Appetit subscribe to our channel leave your comments be sure to try and until new meetings