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Улетная ЗАКУСКА ИЗ КАБАЧКОВ в духовке. Её всегда не хватает! Zucchini  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the good afternoon, we are preparing a delicious zucchini zucchini zucchini courgette zucchini cut thick approximately 6 7 millimeters salt well and leave for half an hour now zucchini I shift to paper towel to dry now we need bread crumbs or crushed biscuits add spices here paprika garlic and black ground pepper
  • 00:33: and get I shall divide the mug in half in one piece I'll add parmesan cheese And in the other part we add any hard cheese shabby I have a mix here cheeses Now we need a form to close with foil or baking with baking paper with vegetable oil take zucchini
  • 01:03: we put it into milk and the mixture and the second part I do with another sprinkle Where added the usual solid cheese exactly the same we lower in milk and in a parcel forms with zucchini I send in preheated oven after 15 minutes we get the form
  • 01:34: turn over zucchini and again send oven zucchini ready like this they look like these zucchini with Parmesan cheese these with the usual top bitches are not hardened crispy and inside they are soft, these are the zucchini with Parmesan cheese they are also firm, but they have a crust more Hard it thanks to the Parmesan cheese
  • 02:04: taste I want to say that both of them wonderful why i cooked two option because I know what will be Questions about whether it is possible with another cheese crust will be a bit not so crispy but still it crunches to this snack is ideal to serve home sauce cooked rang or any sauce according to your taste which invented cooking yummy fingers lick me with you
  • 02:39: I say goodbye to all the best