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  • 00:00: yeah I just wanted to share with you a really simple stamp idea and this is one that I've just done and I don't know if you can see that very well this is quite sunny today there's a stamp that I've just made yesterday here's an the image that this stamp produces and the lady who's bought it would really like um
  • 00:30: another seed head to go with this but she would like cow parsley what I've done is I've drawn a cow parsley here except I think the one that she's probably gonna want needs to be slightly bigger okay I'm a lot happier with this one and it just seems to work a bit better and I think that she could use
  • 01:00: this damp you know in pretty much any direction and so I'm going to use this way instead I'm a lot happier with that seed head and this one here I think this one looks a bit more scruffy and so I'm going to go with this one I'm happy with this one to transfer this onto rubber you literally just turn it over and then rub the back like you did at school and then your images onto the rubber and then you can go ahead and carve I've just got a piece of rubber that's um
  • 01:30: left over and you see I've taken the seed head out of this fit so what we're going to do is turn it over and they're just going to find a place where that's going to fit on try not to go too close to the edges because the edges of the rubber are when they've been moulded in however they make these and the ends always kind of dip down which means you're not going to get a good print so just stay away from the edges some people cut it off and once you're happy
  • 02:00: just hold that down in place and then grab something that's um got a nice sort of flat surface like this this one of the crystal nail files and what I do is literally to rub that into your mother don't take your finger off completely but just kind of hold it so that you know it's not going to move and then just check that your print has come out all okay which it has okay now I like to
  • 02:30: hold my stamp quite close and when I'm cutting out so what I do is I literally cut as close as I can around the image and then I carve it so we'll do that now and for that I just use a little knife and literally cut as close as I can so I keep all the little bits as well I've
  • 03:06: got a massive tub just full of little bits when I get bored and I'll make some buttons or something out of the leftovers so there we go so you have something ready to carve and what I use is literally a carving tool here and you can have lots of different nibs that go in the end there so this one is a number one there you go I'll get you the make of this one and there you can use speed ball as well speed
  • 03:36: will have like a number of different types of nibs so what we're going to do and is just get comfortable with um you know your tools and get it as close to you as you need it to be and you're literally is going to try and keep this as smooth as possible but you don't want this line to become jagged eel and when you carve down the thin line try and
  • 04:07: keep your nib a bit of an angle because the more rubber you can leave down the side of what you're cutting the stronger that piece is going to be so if I was to carve straight down either side of that then you've got a very weak line I see how moving my left hand to change
  • 04:46: the direction of the cup that's because there if you were to try and move the tool and you don't get a smoother cup but I think you know with that sort of thing you end up finding your own techniques and things so ladies going to use this for fabric stamping I think so
  • 05:20: she wants it without the stem because she'll actually machine stitch a stem down here okay so now that we've done the main part of this seed head I just want to give it a little bit of character so I'm just going to put a tiny little hole in
  • 05:50: the top of each one and that's all you do put the point of you carving tool in the middle of the hole and then twist your left hand and that will produce and it will hold for a bring that I don't know if you can see that see the little holes in there so just do that to all of them okay so there we go so what we're
  • 06:21: going to do is we're just going to clean up so remove all the excess rubber okay right so we've finished carving and it's all ready just to test before we put the tools away we need to make sure that this is going to print okay with no other pieces showing and sometimes the quickest way to do that is just a chuck some ink on it print it and see if it comes out okay okay so I'm just going to
  • 06:51: add a little bit more color to this picture and so I'm just going to use turquoise and I'm literally this is a like a stack that you can get from Wilkinson's the colors are really nice actually and they've lasted all right and I wouldn't say the pigment is great on don't seem to have a name either they've got absolutely no information on them whatsoever okay so let's try that
  • 07:21: press it flat in both directions rather than kind of pointing down and then just lift that off so I'm really happy with how that's come out and I think the size compared to the their poppy seed heads have worked out really well you could also and you can buy fabric ink like this so you can do pictures like this on t-shirts or bags or any kind of fabric if you want to
  • 07:53: design your own fabric too you can do that so there you go I hope you found my useful and thanks for watching which is by