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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon my dear welcome To me in the kitchen today I will cook soup kharcho the Georgian dish was asked by the new girlfriend hello Tatiana unfortunately I I do not know her surname Tatyana Tatyana so at it is written uituber khinkali liked it my way wrote there if you can cook me soup kharcho I decided to do for my family too of course it's good and show how I do it
  • 00:30: cooking for my grub I took here is such a big piece of meat this beef is entrecote here a few ossicles this is one part of the rib very good meat is the most delicate This meat did not ask them not to cut here and so the bones into pieces and I will then take them off for I need a bow I took 2 onions onion garlic pepper bitter greens here I have a lot of kenzo parsley
  • 01:03: dill here is this celery for cooking broth I will throw there is no enamel whether I could have finished and green and red but I'll plum the plum and she is very sour and here we are in Georgia we throw a plum sour ray from what we do with creams and I'm leaving here it's here and it somehow acidify also I 'll throw a bow here, these are my celery or
  • 01:33: parsley and cilantro it's all I'll cook together with this Onion in the outer husks I took off and washed dried it all will cook along with broth and one garlic and this is all The rest I need already for refueling the flight will be cooked for 4 liters per liter 1 tablespoon of rice it is mine washed and here extended is already ready for use means in a saucepan I will Pour 5 liters while it will be cooked
  • 02:03: my meat is this one liter will evaporate and 4 liters I will have my ready soup kharcho I still need tomatoes, I took canned tomatoes in general, I will to extinguish them together with my dressing with onion and with all the rest it's mine red pepper bitter and sweet pepper paprika here I have dried kenzo salt all this I will send my dishes soup kharcho well, let's start here on such pieces of I
  • 02:36: I'll cut the meat from the bones like this I will certainly cut these excess fats it can be used later khinkali that the khinkali to me was dry and juicy there was meat to be with bones I have already cut all the meat, but for such pieces with bones if I had kilo two hundred well, here's these fat and these are these here's the extra I removed it I do not need
  • 03:07: now I'll set it up to cook I say I'll be in such a small saucepan until here is so much water because I I do not know about you but I'm the first water ever I do not take off the foam only she starts boiling for five minutes and I all I merge the meat and then in a large saucepan to cook already the object here and so I put it as well, as soon as it starts to boil for five minutes I will postpone and I will pour all this
  • 03:38: I do not need the first broth until my meat is boiled I will to make a roast on my scraped onion I'll cut it all down and put the frying pan warm up [music] onions I cut a frying pan now nalyu sunflower oil for roasting as just brown onions I'll throw whole
  • 04:11: tomatoes let them defend and the juice itself tomato and tomato I use for my spices when I mix them I want a mortar on the coriander that's how I cut this half off this half leave then to top it is necessary to cut in order to be well I will also cut garlic mortar
  • 04:44: do not need pepper bitter [music] it will all go to the mortar pepper you can give we love bitter you like add to taste it all goes now my concession [music] the smell is somehow smelled delicious smell
  • 05:16: Garlic and peppers and coriander are some kind of a separate miracle means I'm pouring here some salt to help turn this mass into a paste I add a dry coriander a lot is not necessary here so here actually one here it here coffee spoon add paprika it sweet pepper ground
  • 05:46: Bulgarian means bitter pepper it is very bitter but I'll take a little desk because that I will have a lot of pods Now I'm gonna push it all to the people's mass will bang onions already begins rouge, I can already add here these my whole tomatoes and juice until I touch because they are juice I need for my fueling what I 'll be
  • 06:18: right now the knife I'll untie here and then all I'll send the ready dinner [music] I like you are such tomatoes they so that's when they get warmed up very tasty meat is already beginning to boil I'll wait when I start bubbling like only begins to boil for five minutes I'll leave it to boil all this
  • 06:49: good water let it come out I its it all the pouring foam is already beginning to gather I do not really need my roast almost ready is tomatoes whole with these and now I have all boiled up Order now pour out the broth, and my Meat I washed the meat that broth poured out here I have new water in the pan
  • 07:20: Now I'll send it all there and let A new number is brewed now I send this here this celery stalks of celery is parsley it enzo before the garlic onions can be like this Make holes and [music]
  • 07:51: my promise also hole through to it the acid came out, I'll get everything later from there and I will fill my pinched [music] I'm already in the mortar all the ceiling and now this is all and go home tomato juice incredible tasty some smell straight you spice all the same the business does or makes
  • 08:21: it's all here I'll send salt I'm not I will add then add myself a lunch Look, this seasoning is also possible use on fried potato fish I often so I do when there is no tkimali or some kind of satzebel sauce I like this here is the sense garlic with cilantro with spices and in tomato sauce
  • 08:55: this is a wonderful seasoning because red sauce for meat dishes for fish and and for potatoes, too, it is very tasty this sauce I'm already in the end when the meat will be ready along with rice will send my soup of grits now I'll cut the greens to make ready for me green onions too this end will be we love Georgians a lot of greenery use this and vitamins and beauty and
  • 09:28: taste and all together it's a parsley [music] dill I really love soup soups and broths different salads in general I like everything
  • 09:59: greens-celery I did not specifically did not take it because celery specific it is a lot impossible use [music] We are waiting for you while the meat is with you. mix it with all the others
  • 10:30: my broth is already beginning to boil somehow on will begin to boil the light on a liter of water down to steam I have already started to refuel cover leave one excess water the roast has evaporated , everything is ready now I'll get out of my broth here
  • 11:01: these vegetables that I took pelted whole here is a ray these stems folded to me they are not needed onion meat almost cooked so you can already add grilled along with seasonings and rice all here is nothing more pepper let there will be nothing more for me here I now need to add this zazhirku
  • 11:32: [music] the color of what these beautiful and plum also the color remained and from the roast it is necessary to salt because it is not enough I 'll get one meat look at the floor lize cooked irina outside cooked so that you can already throw rice as I said rice
  • 12:06: I have a liter one tablespoon of rice see what it is semicircular not round not broken not long-legged is such a semicircular he very well goes now to this all I will add my seasoning here is this one what I pushed add juice all boil and will add already
  • 12:36: Here is this fresh green that I have already cooked rice already pops up to start brewed as soon as it starts to boil rice I can already add day and bay leaf what a beautiful color see my soup is ready now look rice is very well brewed it from me soup is not thick and not liquid meat, too very well for the weld you see from
  • 13:08: ossicles departs now I will add all my greens add bay leaf Easter greens all [music] soup is very delicious trail is excellent beautiful itself cooled here
  • 13:39: look at the beauty of this soup and this is called soup kharcho and himself kharcho one day I will also make soup kharcho here is kushaetsya spoons this soup creates boiled on broth on meat and with rice and now I'll get it portioned [music]
  • 14:10: plate this beauty [music] Here this greens poured from above very tasty, I have tried to spoon [music]
  • 14:40: my dish is ready and my soup is already here already presented look there watch my video thank you very much who subscribed Many thanks to put like that subscribe if you have any I can do this by writing to new meetings my friends [music]