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Лак из пенопласта красим бетонный пол  See details »

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  • 00:00: All greetings to you today on numerous requests in the comments will be applied This is in the composition of foam plastic which We now divide into concrete steel to Check how you will behave there that is, many desire to cover the garage but that was not much to remove this for people who only make newspapers water spoke to gasoline so that's not it. very much it was still to test acetone
  • 00:30: gasoline evaporator is gasoline capacity is such a chunk cut a lot who doubts
  • 01:02: 44 rubles your petrol I figeyu pretend I did not refuel for a long time, I will go for the truth Che look for because it chased decreased shorter band
  • 01:35: a quarter 20 on one and a half meter somewhere on how much is enough for a small section cover we'll see how it will look then height Yes, I do not know, you can try the poets and taking me out to take an oily rag wipe a tripod for them not to composition and try to exhale and it swept the thickest band Well reasonable stratas walk so else
  • 02:39: one at a time, we launch many goods attacked the crown and also
  • 03:10: cocktail macros can be sprinkled with you personally, but if the case is more likely to wait a high us russia the kind of music will come out there that known depths of 2 hours fly will be put I'll show it like this until it looks like this slightly I brushed this concrete slab it
  • 03:59: an iron brush spray gun off the product transfer or simply will [music] [music]
  • 04:32: spatula finished Russian mistress whether something will turn out well, please, well, our package especially
  • 05:26: retake when I show you how it is will look as long as it looks like this So inspection when it dries we will try to set fire like this thing burns
  • 06:02: till gorgeous cool [music] now we will try to dissolve its strength and
  • 06:43: such a xylene mom is more expensive that it is not just what if if you grab dash to accumulate everything it turns out that you two times two with half as expensive as gasoline, but thanks for now we will check on the capital this is from the place of xylene as we saw in gasoline Boston is not diluted it turns into a lump no more drink acetone and petrol axial now we'll see that he for some reason has to regulate
  • 07:15: linkage with does not work out to a certain density comes then more expensive stronger and plantain this computer housing in the salon is not so restored though
  • 07:46: opportunity . photo polystyrene is a patent [music] yes they sent it to me, you can breed it like an albarn and now here it is enough liquid and full is not completely dissolved Now we'll add more words and see if you dilute a thought completely means all tastes are suitable for this, yes , you see, that is, there is no such
  • 08:17: an empty lump and we can make up this already can be applied more thin layer I think more qualitatively it is removed, and bubbles will go out better because the composition is liquid yes it completely dilutes the unified and here he as on checked did not turn out
  • 08:50: dilute it to such a state yet I was advised to use a solvent of 647 in my further in the morning of this did not say you took I would not even mean it here. It is created on the page of etiquette for a long time from We do now find it on any plot and check the feeling that some pieces are not bred now try his report to use
  • 09:26: so clearly so far I know when it will dry that you [music] this is this advice this iron brush was cleaned leave such a shrink
  • 09:59: so I'll try the bill because here guide on a tired of such a credit tablet cool The thing I like can be a battle layer Apply and bubbles on this [music] [music]
  • 10:46: cool look how much it will dry Here guys hour has passed even more she still has not dried up all in blisters or blebs that this bubble and that is, the upper part withers a film is formed and bubbles can not To return to the account again to the touch like this packing film with bubbles dad to
  • 11:19: general huge bubbles were formed but as an option you can use but the best option is of course as a symbol village obtained a real twist is all he is already dry so you can enter and he gave well It absorbs into the concrete here two layers of amazon but the only disadvantage of this organism is words well again can be diluted first gasoline and then add everything
  • 11:50: as I did a version with a spray gun yes he at first did not dilute xiao then this gave a little such a paint in it already was xylene and then it has already dissolved well to save your attacks if covers the principle garage can be if find a disperse xylene end then too will have to be cheap so that option is now I'm going to show you a piece of wood which covered that looks like this varnish is a piece of walnut real long
  • 12:23: or fast and garden for 10 minutes I clenched his arms he was already sleeping if you will be interesting principle I can take i here near the slow shop for it is 1 from yes to skok something that they polished very installation was allowed under the fugue nowhere Not what is the name of the cover in three or four layers of varnish yes as is usually done character of the gently sloping will result is most interesting on
  • 12:53: this all subscribe to the channel put husky write comments to all good luck