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Секрет манящих кабачков с хрустящей корочкой (в духовке)- пальчики оближите!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, hello, we all know and in the huge use of zucchini and fry constantly badly baked in the oven always delicious but there is a wonderful quick and easy recipe that all one ingredient will make zucchini not just delicious on you can not To break away from them plays a big role seasoning it can be your favorite and this kind of composition is not very like Dried garlic turmeric ground coriander necessarily dried green parsley I need Provencal
  • 00:30: or Italian herbs that love paprika pieces and table 120 grams of cheese Mozzarella he will give zucchini stunned aromatic crisp inviting crust even if there are no seasonings here, try to cover mozzarella squash and so zucchini cut As you like, circles or faster will be records thickness at your discretion 5 8 millimeters some like to thicken the flames up to one and a half please I do not like these thick add a teaspoon with a slide
  • 01:02: Salt for 1 kg of zucchini stir should be cut beforehand put in the refrigerator without a refrigerator we give to stand for 15-20 minutes merge liquid add spices at will a spoon of vegetable oil I mix cooked and without oil the taste is not affected in no way lay out zucchini very tightly with small overlap on the baking tray parchment-covered evenly sprinkle with hard cheese mozzarella grated on a fine grater better
  • 01:32: to rub directly on a baking tray and faster and less consumption of zucchini Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes at temperature 200 220 all depends on the your oven turns out awesome tasty cuts somehow zucchini even thinner were even more delicious as syomochki impossible break away and all thanks tempting crust with mozzarella in the cold form of such zucchini to me like only if they are thin and breezy solid mozzarella cheese in a less caloric
  • 02:04: than are soft that also it is good to try I'm looking forward to your comments. share in social networks such a beautiful face there nezabudte put like and will subscribe to the channel with bell to receive notification three times a week on new recipes to all success and good mood with you was irina until new meetings