Брелок для ключей с карманом на молнии своими руками прятать шпаргалки  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. I want to sew a small keychain with small pocket in This pocket can be hide a little money can be put there a note with congratulations if you will keychain you can give use for example hide cribs school if possible general as his use and need in general this keychain or not to decide of course you I want to offer them just this idea I hope I could interest and you watch the video before end I worked for sewing machine can be to do without it but it would take
  • 00:30: dense needle and patience force because you need to will be his needle pierce three layers dense tissue and it is not so it's just not right quickly and so we need fastener I picked up such length 20 centimeters I picked up as well tape exactly the same width is important so that the width the same and this tape it is slightly longer than the mammons themselves if I have lightning 20 centimeters talento centimeters 30 and us
  • 01:00: need a ring for trinket such a width that tape through it quietly passed well and of course sewing typewriter first I'm bending down Little Sochi customers and simply I flash a couple of times back and forth I'm applying a tape
  • 02:11: around the middle and clasps even closer to here to this top part if all clasp one hundred percent then I approximately 40 percentages and now I bent a
  • 02:41: so that the clasp bent exactly in half from the tape I have it turned out here such a piece and top still left stitch was also not just here in this place clasp too narrow to set as usual
  • 03:13: under the foot and therefore had experiment firstly I repositioned the needle as close as possible to the edge secondly to me will have to be stitched backwards first in another way it is not included when am i this
  • 03:54: bottleneck stitched this is where the slider I was able turn over decide now normal direction here is one for me the party is ready like you see me again it turned out all taap-bluff if you can my videos long time then you know what spend with a sewing I'm far from a machine expert I do everything on eye and therefore it turns out often inaccurately this matter
  • 04:24: taste I like principle, but if you want to try if you want that it turned out neatly maybe if it's a gift then especially want to that the thing turned out the best possible quality it is better of course before as Stitches need you need to draw to stitch the knives first add more pins in general if you do this know how to do better than I am for you very much
  • 04:54: glad and continue do better and continue to improve their abilities Now I have left sew a ring and all will be ready that's what I have it turned out I hope what did you like my idea of a place thumb up
  • 05:24: Do not forget leave your comments maybe you have any questions or wishes of critics from pleasure, I'm all I will accept and subscribe on my channel please see me more often for me to you will still have many all interesting beautifully useful sometimes even delicious goodbye to you I hope to see new meetings so far