Пышнейшие пирожки из теста на кефире без дрожжей, без яиц. Очень быстро и вкусно! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, I'm making pies for today. a quick dough of kefir without yeast without diets is purely remarkable Fluffy airy super delicious and look at the pies that are obtained The most delicate game stuffing can cook perfectly at any
  • 00:34: and the dough is cooked so I take kefir 350 milliliters warm room temperature if immediately from the refrigerator, you can To preheat microwave ovens literally 10 20 seconds 1 teaspoon of salt and tea spoon sugar added to kefir sugar you can directly add a tea I mix the spoon to dissolve them. business until 500 grams may be needed still now a teaspoon of soda and assembly
  • 01:04: add the flour a little bit flour now kefir poured out a wolf slightly stir the flour add sunflower oil if in spoons I took 4 tablespoon in grams 30 grams exactly on the scales too known exactly what they need on the ustream chain all you can directly dial them drank kneading cysts inferior stunts
  • 01:35: The dough should be soft and does not stick to dough kneaded hands so war turns very soft bend slightly-slightly so you can say no longer Sticky if you have more sticky it turns out you can already remove from the vessel and on the table to mix flour I slightly add mix is not necessary that it be very hard hard thick
  • 02:07: I did not add any more flour as 500 grams weighed and it should be scattered literally a table spoon so that we make it well at all is no longer hands on it's good to knead so that the year begins act pepper has earned a boat where are you like this after all one rodnenkaya and now here
  • 02:39: pouch look your nose so she rested stuffing from me will be from cabbage stewed you can do anything to take off as I do I really like cabbage fry onion on sunflower oil fried onions I add cabbage somewhere one tablespoon of water a little bit closing all the mixing I close the lid and the carcass minutes fifteen to twenty sometimes stirring cabbage now young fast is being prepared
  • 03:10: practically it is already ready then podsalivaem I pepper once again I close I close cover well minutes from 7, too, so that the salt was distributed and then I open the lid add one teaspoon small small peas but depending on the number of cabbage flour flour stir that gives flour and taste gives and when you add flour to vegetables consistency is not so thick thickening so that for color I a little bit
  • 03:42: turmeric added gave poured and pepper now the dough cools me and the smallest one needs it slightly more ballistic down [music] now I share on kruglesochki in general, I divide the dough into frames
  • 04:19: kruglyashki approximate like this I cover it a bit so as not to dry out and every round so I cut my hands off but when you do even a little bubble feels like fingers bubbles burst and strongly I put a thin stuffing stuff in cabbage 2 eggs cooked and straight knife chopped eggs make to a bush such
  • 04:51: tender gentle it is in the filling add dough such elastic well straight blinds soft I Here and here I put pies also cover they are still a little upset about steel and need to sprinkle a little bit of flour
  • 05:27: fill a lot of stuff because I'm her has done a lot I like when there are a lot of stuffing in the pies [music] all patties Now she made a frying pan with
  • 05:58: sunflower oil is good when frying with of two parties the oil is large, too much poured moderate fire see what pies I rise the party fried turn over fall quickly lush mane of what with blades so as not to damage the dough The distance between them must be made
  • 06:33: they were close to each other this I clean all the patties on a napkin to superfluous oil glass see what lush than pies ready slightly cooled as cabbage and cold they are generally wonderful see which dough is just airy soft you want to directly push them all like I break and show inside how she
  • 07:04: baked very tasty you know by taste does not differ a few yeast gentle look she thin at the same time is so soft-soft I'm super such pies especially know how to prepare them for an early hand 30 minutes dough ready stuffing can Prepare either a bow and eggs generally it's even faster so cook such pies and enjoy I wish all the good mood of the very best
  • 07:36: bye Bye [music]