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Маринованные корнишоны. Огурцы на зиму. Цыганка готовит.Gipsy cuisine.

Маринованные корнишоны. Огурцы на зиму. Цыганка готовит.Gipsy cuisine.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello to everyone, we will cook today. marinated cornichons I bought gherkins here are those at the tambour checks small flooded with water I put on wait a couple of hours if you are fresh with the garden was spoiled must have washed that's all, but I bought and therefore flooded with water for a couple of hours until we stand up we will prepare banks naturally the other ingredients I took one Bulgarian pepper cut thinly
  • 00:30: horseradish garlic laurel leaf naturally dill dried parsley a little sign is literally enough will be fennel 240 grams here I have from a little bit of all the petruschka one by one We put the branch in a jar well, I'm taller like salt before sugar well and of course you will need luxus us vinegar 9 percent ordinary salt of spices sugar and pepper peas, well, that's all prepared jars washed and well soda poured
  • 01:01: watering ramp 50 we send marinate generally sterilized microwave for ten minutes Cover let's boil for about five minutes Well, start the banks are ready merge water overflow do not need to turn over the table properly jars on a towel just pour out water or exhibited and we will immediately right now I have to pack another couple of pairs I'll send it to the microwave since I I'll need a jar do
  • 01:33: I cut it in such pieces leaves horseradish sticks Here and so lay out the barrels on barely a few pieces also the dill I will cut on nesk . I will put twigs you are more faithful Here so well to a parsley on one twig here so that's enough net of a pair of denticles each jar here so this time we already have
  • 02:07: The kettle is on the stove and now it will boil and directly boiling water, we will pour our cucumbers We put on a couple of leaves or one by one large for example laurel fox. pepper black polka dots can be 10 on 8 here and so in each jar and fragrant pepper stuff for four on five photos sweet pepper peas every jar enough and now we are waiting for our teapot Cucumbers stack naturally if
  • 02:42: there are on the buttocks cut off this cutter them shorten completely put the jar densely we lay absolutely force It is not necessary to push it, but so as to lay it down their densely at the top of 34 things like this is small here and now we will add ships Bulgarian pepper and wait for our kettle the kettle will boil with water for about
  • 03:12: ten then naturally salt and back in a saucepan for boiling 2 sink plums pour boiling water for 10 minutes drain back to the saucepan boiled again and so two times we'll cover up with a blanket these cucumbers do not need to because we have them we will pour twice with boiling water all laid waiting for the kettle and so all the jars are important well, that everything put the end of the boils whistles flooded
  • 03:42: boiling water directly boiling hot and close the lid leave minutes on ten times already salty in a pot of natural kettle will begin to boil again for 10 minutes two times pour boiling water and the coach once already poured into the marinade I cover these cucumbers with a blanket I will not need to wrap you anymore. and they stand very well and now sent 10 minutes to drain the water
  • 04:15: saucepan and put on the stove to boil we'll fill it back well what our boil water from cucumbers we pour water once more fill in and the third time we will fill marinade marinas with this for 1 liter of water take 2 tablespoons salt 3 tablespoons spoons of sugar and vinegar 80 grams Well we stood all poured now back I got 7 cans in 700
  • 04:47: points and 1 liter here is how you see these Cucumbers are very good at whom to shelter not we need to fill it with boiling water for the second time here it is our of blankets so to speak, or pour one time but they will have to be wrap them in a blanket so they stand for a long time hot dreams banks stood so here two times that the lilies have no problems and so now pour out the water and count how much liters it turned out I got it floor liters and sound 700 points topping a bit of water because we have to
  • 05:17: be even to make it easier for us I had two seconds to count half a liter of water I poured water to have two elephants of a liter water to count the girls for two I add half a liter of water correctly five spoonfuls of salt because a liter goes two tablespoons of salt I have two liter plan water and more accurately gave that the public was consider saharuk consider how much it should be correct 7 half spoons two and so on 7 7 spoonfuls of sugar laid
  • 05:49: you need an elephant liter of water from the calculation of 3 tablespoons per 1 liter of vinegar is taken 80 grams per liter of water that is 200 grams for 2 liters of water I right now I'll pour evenly and I'll put it we 'll boil it on the stove literally from the minute and leaves our the marinade will be ready pour vinegar on the water we put on The stove and we will get a pickle marinade
  • 06:19: very tasty can grape can boil and now drew so little bit so that the water boiled so as not to stop now look at the edge ailer with all the screws on all A slow twinkle if you have a gas prepared the key well and now fill it with roll up on the table to make sure that everything is good that the lid is not lets the water flow and that's all. I leave the recipe under the video in the description of a still under the video in the description of the reference to our
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