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  • 00:00: hello you are watching the channel then 5 documentary by them and random eyewitnesses filmed many cases very strange behavior of animals which is difficult to explain here the most unusual such videos I'll give you now and show you drove a stunning phenomenon The first time I managed to shoot in the waters of the ocean the BBC team at the time of creation the next documentary animals were shooting the process of hunting striped and mustachioed shark in Underwater thickets and their
  • 00:30: potential extraction of octopus which we It is necessary to always invent various trick that he did not eat it hides how he can swim from his place to the place but when the octopus is caught unawares he begins to do something incredible animal covers you real armor of seashells that still serve as masking on these frames, scientists for the first time watch something like an octopus for quite some time I managed to do this To remain unnoticed but the shark still senses its prey
  • 01:00: but the cockleshell knocks her down the defense worked with a genius in this hungry algae you only such a forest Resourcefulness helps the octopus higher here nothing unusual just eagles rolling around on lizards and this is our southern smooth whales would seem The slow and balanced giants from which you do not expect anything unexpected and strange so thought and one married the couple on this boat suddenly
  • 01:31: this incident occurred in Cape Town huge size whale almost sent to the next world two people Damage to the boat was lucky that the ship was steel and did not go to the bottom and it's turkey champions strange behavior you probably saw such footage for they became very viruses on the camera Several cases have been filed when these birds begin to walk around the tree or for any other reason
  • 02:02: which they do not quite understand expert in the California department Wildlife Scott Gartner says that for a turkey such an environment is in place often because at some point they just start to follow one another until the vicious cycle closes take a look at these frames It's not some kind of park with them tamed by them. no video captured in the wild nature if these frames do not cause you cognitive dissonance, then you obviously do not know about the relationship between lions and hyenas so here they are hostile and with very but
  • 02:33: for some abnormal circumstance in This time these animals decided to share a meal together for as long as 25 minutes they ate the prey of the pathogen is not tired of truce did not brazenly take the booty to itself once again, recalling why they were falling in love kinds of enemies but probably true the reason that cats eat rodents you just look but here's how it is not break and not eat this fugitive these cute birds parrots
  • 03:04: they are called the main rude new to us Zealand is one of the smartest birds on the planet but their inquisitive nature causes irritation of people living in mountainous areas but behind the pranks of the parrot in Kay one very terrible secret is hidden The fact is that these birds are about the barracks you heard me at night these lovely creations turn into bloodthirsty monsters with the onset of dark birds begin to eat the sheep first ke pulls out the coat and then starts
  • 03:35: greedily you peck the flesh of the animal in habitats of these food parrots a little bit and because of their keen mind came up with this is the way to extract protein and fat because of this many farmers are new Zealanders dislike these birds this monkey disabled person once got into trapped poachers and lost three many animals after such mutilations do not last long but not she before monkey found an amazing way
  • 04:05: movement on one limb lifting the body 90 degrees simply incredibly operator who accidentally photographed this animal could not believe his eyes these shots were filmed in Tennessee bear is a criminal in broad daylight at eyes at the heap of people breaks out at car window climbs inside the car steals from there something that contains food and runs into the forest in a few minutes Returns and re-enters the car well people come closer like a beast is in the zoo
  • 04:36: generally black bears are very dangerous for people but this animal is not up to them he I took some more food with me out of machines and this time ran away forever look at this a young elephant that he does woo for the rhinocerite now this elephant in muse status hormonal burst that leads to increased sexual activity, and since Her herd of young elephants are not allowed to females they remain dissatisfied and sometimes begins to molest the rhino remotely resemble the elephants themselves but
  • 05:07: despite the fact that the behavior of the elephant it will be playful any second may change the reserves of the southern Africa elephants during the must have killed more Fortunately, this female is 120 rhinos I remained unharmed following case from strange behavior of animals occurred while shooting a documentary in Hawaii operator Randy Harris tried shoot huge skates and various A fisherman on an expensive video camera that costs 10 thousand dollars but you can see one the animal did not like that they are being removed without permission and she unexpectedly
  • 05:38: attacked the camcorder by selecting and euharis and seeing how the camera is hiding out of the sight of randy thought here sail away 10,000 enough for now while you do not forget Like and Subscribe for channel look at the two previous videos [music]