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The MOST TASTY Apple Pie! Always Beautiful and Successful!

The MOST TASTY Apple Pie! Always Beautiful and Successful!  See details »

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  • 00:00: my dear friends hello you on channel cook with you again I'm nice what can be more delicious than baking with apples it is perhaps the most traditional recipes in this batch of course very a lot today I want to introduce you to pie I found the recipe on the Internet a few years ago he immediately became a frequent visitor to our family preparing this cake with apples simply and fast and it always turns out luck is not beautiful and most importantly fantastically delicious beforehand
  • 00:31: sifted flour put baking powder and vanillin and stir well creamy I pre- melted butter and chilled it I add sugar to it egg yolks all mix then put sour cream and again stir and the next stage
  • 01:06: pour in flour in small portions mixed with a disintegrant and vanillin Coronet all well I shoot down not to lumps left into chilled proteins I add a small a pinch of salt and beat them with a mixer starting with a small speed and slowly building up and spreading The proteins in the dough are then very neat
  • 01:40: shovel in between their dough Look at the proteins introduced in dough it becomes very airy bottom a split form I have a diameter of 24 centimeter I shot paper for baking and burrs smeared with creamy butter carefully spread the dough in form and level it up
  • 02:16: now I 'll take care of apples and I pre- peeled and core and cut into 4 parts and every part I cut now thin slices thickness up to 5 millimeters lobules of apples spread by convex little side to the dough pressing them spread all over pie surface
  • 02:47: fairly tightly each other apples try to shift more than their the more tasty it will be pie sprinkle with sugar cane if you do not use a plain white pie we send to bake in the oven heated to 180 degrees and so an unusually fragrant apple pie and he was ready to bake 50 minutes give it slightly cool to remove from the mold and
  • 03:19: I shall wait for full cooling though it will be it is very difficult and here it is fragrant apple miracle airy and gentle nice apple sour texture of the pie is very juicy and tender it can be cooked As in a normal day and in a festive and it will easily please your loved ones its amazing taste and pleasure surprise your guests and yet the recipe for this Pie is a completely simple one available ingredients
  • 03:50: my friends all recommend cooking this wonderful pastry because it very tasty pleasant tea party for you [music] with you was nice thanks for watching videos who liked shared it put the likes write comments and subscribe to my channel I was glad to see all the best for you so far till