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UNIQUE nozzle for the FRET SAW the hands. Glass линейка.#Стройхак  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I'm Andrew and this channel is a hack and today, self-made which will allow feel with air to this homemade will be options quick shift sandpaper very often in comments to me they ask why I I'm wearing a bandana today end of the video I will answer it really is very delicate question and if you choose a new jig saw it is convenient will do on service I directory a large number of filters quickly will hide from you all not suitable models that convenient you at once see prices in several stores you can compare all positions among themselves and
  • 00:30: watch the video review for the selected tool link to I will not leave the catalog in description for today's homemade to us you need this here then the right profile I have it made of aluminum more precisely from its alloys and therefore enough firm and does not spoil Hands of course our profile requires some refinement measure 12 centimeters clamped billet in the vise and cut off the bulgarian now on stock you need to mark and cut out the shank as on the nail files for jigsaw that's what we have here came out in the end
  • 01:00: aluminum excellent thermal conductivity so during cutting it hard heats up and be careful not to burn remove the burrs file with processing in corners pay attention to such a nuance one mobile phone edge has notches a another is not therefore if necessary only one side should choose unrefined ribs it would seem logical locate shank Closer to level faces the profile so that it went for a roller jigsaw but I will dispose of it on the contrary, how can
  • 01:30: farther why is my jigsaw has a narrowing in soles and more there will be a shank from plane theme will be the working plane therefore excess part of us but should be cut you need to do this as can be measured more accurately the width of the cut is fixed her on calipers and transfer to aluminum and long I thought that use instead of line which material is not spoiled by impact of the metal in the end invented a option old glass from shelves that I will keep this suction cup thickness glass you to me 4
  • 02:00: millimeter it is up to 5 by this greatness c using a cloth for girls now order fix the workpiece put our line grab sucker and begin cut [music] large u passes metal and nastya glass no damage maybe a little bit we will polish it and in the end we get enough ruble arrest which finally cut the beam already along the line and mine burrs and that's what
  • 02:31: We were very well mark up we have m-shaped but these protrusions do not play either my jigsaw password so I decided do without them and to make a shank and even try on we see that it is necessary still modify lateral our faces adjustment a bit broadly measure how much we it is necessary to cut and sneak off metal petals grinding wheel here we are ideally flat plane is not especially needed uniformity grinding controlled by pencil us lines if necessary finalize
  • 03:01: we equate to choose burrs we pass through nazhdachka on the plane there do it more rough subsequent gluing so now with the size of everything in order and Velcro I wanted to take a old cola for Bulgarians but started cut with a knife and in the result turned out to be what billets are spoiled I had to take a new circle and here I am already Velcro was not cut off but cropped and just removed it by cutting it off size with a small stock inflict polyurethane adhesive and apply to slightly moistened velcro
  • 03:31: further we put on we press the plane clamps and leave at least 15 minutes later dismantling and that's what We got now you need all the extra clip watch the glue widened in through the tiniest Velcro holes we apply our adaptation to emery in the circle with Velcro and cut by size and that's what we have here happened test we fix the shank in a jigsaw frankly speaking in the last moment i doubted that emery is retained and not will fly away from our adaptations but it turned out
  • 04:01: from pressure on billet it still pressed harder in general all this our adaptations can grind the corners and trim flat and fill the edges so as a file small and nazhdachka just flips over is used again in difference from those analogues where it just sticks to the bottom is this home-making with us It turned out today I hope but it will come in handy. all I'm doing here said in
  • 04:31: comments There are 3 opinions. why do I wear a bandana 1 I'm a bald second me sick 3 and blue I often so I do it for you surprises I actually wear bandana so that not embarrass you their hair [music] but for today all subscribe
  • 05:02: put the likes and not forget about convenient I'm a directory of all good luck all the good [music]