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  • 00:00: Hello everyone knows with you again sergey for violated and today we will talk about crimping extrusion by sleeves of kilowatt- hours and total connection of wires crimping how they are pressed always give in boxes wire stripped there is no
  • 00:31: I'll tell you before sleeve dresses and these emptiness emptiness is enough a lot and get it here this emptiness on slaughter wires until then while there is still something there will be a message thin wire square in this here
  • 01:01: he is nowhere else climb this quite enough then performed compacting appropriate matrices like this in a simple way for to show what does it get there inside I already have in advance
  • 01:32: one girl I pressed and yes sawn accordingly so there it turns out well if etch this is the place etch yes then we all will see veins on although here they are are visible to you and I can not see them I see how it would be so I do not know light
  • 02:04: I hope that you can see that is alive anyway a little bit a little is seen yes as it was done earlier this naturally there everything cuts off all unnecessary but also isolate with connection more is compact and we obtain like this before looked before are pressed here such long sleeves these sleeves and now many these sleeves are pressed intended for
  • 02:35: oncoming wire connections that is, they initially for this and were developed therefore, as if did-did it all with did or sawed cartridge in half that takes away a lot time to be honest a lot of time but also crimping it also looked from the inside like Is this so and so sleeves here these then
  • 03:07: there is a crimping test looked like at the same time I will answer to comments from one of viewers that I'm in the scutes in the scutellum at school I applied the sisame though kind of like agitating all pressing I I do not agitate all crimping take me like agitator for connecting wires a specific way it's more likely
  • 03:37: all that she is old kind Russian bathhouse yes that is most often and I solder wires are much more reliable than some strawberries others yes all why because soldering to more universal in my work and and the tip can soldering iron or something else that is there is nothing in it difficult but I'm not someone else's other types of
  • 04:10: wire connections that is, yes I can I I use and here such here is this connection ie bluish cap Mrs. Yes, I apply and like these ones terminal blocks terminal block end are called and even this way that is Chinese clinics you can wire and that's it.
  • 04:40: so here is something there is a kru. and promotion gets dressed up caleta and this way already applying the only thing that's here these are all three the way you have it they should be are always available for I'm watching everything else then there are all points in storeyed one can their do before with one of his colleagues little argument in comments to one from the video he himself in past Zhukovsky
  • 05:11: yes an electrician and he named work when instead of an outlet the distribution is put boxes and branch out hack, although I am with they do not agree anything can even happen shift elementary transfer the rosette yes you can always even for finishing not always possible Of course everything depends from wallpaper on how to they were glued the rest but you can then there is an incision made
  • 05:41: the wallpaper is dying is Stroight put under razit below is paved wire such an option possible and after which more back stick if do everything neatly that shevchik practically is invisible and if not look closely just want to here we argued with him and I hope to you too you hear me now I'll tell Ivan you took offense at me
  • 06:12: before being offended not offended I was offended at my words that thank God that you are not working muzhiks and I and I from them and I do not refuse, I can you honestly say thank God you do not need here to return to you of this system already she devoured you gobbled from the inside like she was there she was all that is it this conclusion I made where did you get me from? and this conclusion I made from your own
  • 06:43: own words I will remind phrase you your yes then is there you said yes i worked up there right jack it's Th by quick cut bubble and ran further that is itself phrase in the phrase itself listen to dos chopped loot and ran further that is the system has already eaten you that is, for you, you do not you do not work look at the inhabitant as a person -
  • 07:13: looked at him already as a source income and not more than tons therefore costs you this the system is not worth it to return all of it you broke again broke yes that is therefore do not need such enough and our places like this these are the
  • 07:44: yes, who does this system nice but still he does not understand and that's by compound I hope to everyone everything is clear to all understand at least my position yes why not using crowbar I consider the clinic only for work connect chandeliers fixtures some before they can be connect but considering that I have there is always a clinic screw still and bluish
  • 08:14: soldering irons to itself yes to drag still with an additional purely on a chandelier these are the most clamping jaws I think can be stupid because well, why? anime if I always screw terminals fist is that is carry with oneself an additional some clinics purely for lamps and chandeliers I think that it is not necessary to boxes to connect benefits
  • 08:44: she clamps Sorry, I do not want to I do not want and I will not Well, like that all until the new meetings in the following video [music]