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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends, I will be there today. to make a cake in the form of a machine, I'll show you assembly and decoration I baked 2 biscuits body and chocolate form 24 to 18 I they were baked for 3 eggs if that one so proceed to assembly of machines and [music] I have a square substrate of 32 to 32
  • 02:41: so you can put the cake in any place well, that is not important with what hand in the layer I have cherry impregnation cherry syrup juice from cherry I mixed with water a little water added and added sugar to taste and cooked literally a minute's hole then cooled and
  • 03:12: I use as impregnation for a cake that was the same cream thickness between cakes I use the scale every time we weigh cream and if a round cake, it's just a if now here's how rectangular then I have had 810 grams of cream I took divided into three parts turns out each
  • 03:43: layer of cream 270 grams are studied two the interlayers are not large, not 270 grams and the third layer at me one 60 bottom at my 106 grams and the top well 110 the last cake 4 I did not quite share in half one half a little bit more than 2 slightly less
  • 04:14: I have a cake at my fridge 5 hours, remove the film and trim it bakan [music] [music] [music]
  • 04:59: and [music] [music]
  • 05:36: [music] from the remnants of biscuit and cream I do
  • 06:08: made potatoes this and now I impose on those places which I consider fit to the windshield it on the side glass and top cabs and the rest if already enough potatoes and using this potato I form the cabin that is, what did not work out
  • 06:39: here or something else we remove parchment and we put while in a refrigerator for this time I I will make a protein-custard delineate stek and make out cream with a warm white color using nozzles closed asterisks try to do close to each other
  • 07:12: there were no gaps already in the cake I told the plane why i do not use why do not I do not cover in the beginning cream cake and then decorating with stars when you do cover in the beginning cream cake contact with internal cream
  • 07:44: which goes to the cake here these asterisks that the top you'll be doing them you can swim so many times I do not diallyo every time asterisks but as it were not going well, in general, I do not I liked the result so I decided so Do not do with numbers on the nozzle for me no if I use a nozzle some have numbers
  • 08:15: I necessarily to you them I sound cream I type a shock a little bit since the pressure very large and the bag is simply can break and you will be hard then pour it in from the nozzle if you have drawing becomes fuzzy take wipe the nozzle blue cream closed cap the asterisk is already larger in size I am making out the rest of the cabin [music]
  • 08:48: [applause]
  • 09:19: [music] [applause] a
  • 09:52: [music] [music]
  • 10:26: [applause] [music] [applause] [music] nozzle tube
  • 11:41: such a big enough yellow cream do headlights see how I do it in one place to glitch until the size I need and then I see this side of the look and then, and so abruptly from this side the same thing
  • 12:14: look what kind of lights are cool that we have here are such peaks a damp brush select and smooth [music]
  • 13:01: I have such here chocolate discs this is my chocolate glaze and now I will put Goggles neatly important not to hook on cream [music] white cream landing small tube
  • 13:33: size made a smile [music] before our eyes we make glare less black metal I make a blunt end of a scoop to not change not to spoil a nozzle it is possible
  • 14:05: do this way now I will separate the windows from the main one color has mounted nozzle smooth small tubule and obvozhu circuit such stripes need just separate to stand out strongly is not stands out but clearly there is a separation colors
  • 14:38: [music] [music] wheels for the car I will make from
  • 15:11: gingerbread Here I am gingerbread such felling I It made me that is was were the bigger wheels for gingerbread for tapirs and I cut out such a cutting of metal cut out 4 chris white mastic roll out the work surface starch and cut logging here such for a cookie it's my pom 2 size well that is, first a small following
  • 15:42: goes over and smeared the mastic decor gel, we now take the gingerbread shaking the surface here have we have crumbs over here and here so here we glue to the mastic bend here and so do the edges to all smoothly so that we all liked it and here and so we leave if in something here not even beret and iron for mastic Here and so it is compared
  • 16:16: edges can also be made [music] [music] we insert wheels we look that they were on one level and so here it is slightly I press that [music] paint the wheels
  • 16:52: [music] [music] [music] [music]
  • 17:38: attachment grass weave green cream do around the machine of grass [music] [music]
  • 18:24: I have such in the blanks little daisies and now here are their put on the cake with green cream nozzle we write the name of the birthday man and digit 3
  • 18:56: it seemed to me somehow not very vividly that whether the pale and so I decided make more add flowers quite another matter more so bright colorfully obtained see what a wonderful cake I was very pleased result
  • 19:27: I like it if you found out by the way what then brand the machine then write me in comments, since doing this simply from head shaped tour of protein-brewed cream for 100 grams of protein I have left you can do about 80 to 90 grams better to do at 90 then you can do more grass and do not be afraid of what you have allow the cream may not be enough I remind you that I have the size 24 for 15 and a half
  • 19:57: I do not remember the beginning of the video in my opinion. spoke 24 to 18 no 24 to 15 seconds half I baked in anime and chocolate biscuit on 3 cents for today I have all thanks what were with me I'm very pleased when you comment put your fingers up and sign on my channel do not forget to click on bell not to miss next video that will be at least interesting than this so far so far