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Жарить во фритюре - ПОЛЕЗНО / здоровая еда / от шеф-повара / Илья Лазерсон / Кулинарный ликбез  See details »

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  • 00:00: why do not I ask about why so peculiarly heat treatment right now it 's deep-fried is it useful for all the viewers you all think so deep-frying Harmful because the oil heats up strong enough in it to accumulate noxious frying deep-fried that the product itself will absorb in yourself a lot of oil when frying
  • 00:31: correctly reasoning is strictly correct with point of view of the layman what the hell it's great and I'll tell you even more cysts that my oil is clean in it a hundred times does not fry the temperature of frying in fact, very low only 160 degrees for oil is a complete nonsense seriously told you so now the dough which we will now do in which the fish will be submerged before cooking
  • 01:02: she does not absorb her oil because this is especially do especially and test that is not absorb the transparent dough oil hostesses and the name of this hostess write now on the edge of his nightgown very effectively and never forget and do not erase shirt so what the grain is not here yet learn by heart throw this carrot to hell is already enough already mock the carrot force
  • 01:32: two spoons of flour two tablespoons of flour 1 tablespoon of starch that's it how small is that thing that us ensures that the dough will not behave suck in fat when deep-frying where it will transparently make that opaque make the dough will not soak up the oil in the name itself is transparent but those that it is already its properties that it is transparent and it's airy I'm talking about that starch
  • 02:03: Ensures that the dough does not absorb yourself fat when frying you are afraid of this woman here this you are afraid so he will not be soak up the starch of Rahma it is clear for health and it does not matter what will be the wave is round in itself in general, too Do not trust him here a little starch is a faster carbohydrate than flour but it's still not very fast carbohydrate here and more than that, starched here will remain dry but will not absorb
  • 02:36: imagine a lot of water so it's not so good is really digested so you you can sleep in peace mistresses with us There is good t shirts which then datapack to erase because they asked recorded our little salt a little salt and now in this mixture now in order to At the same time, our dough was also air and how to clear Well, how would said how would it be added usually Mineral water with gas and to find us
  • 03:07: do this dough is not thick and not liquid and can even before the end of it not stirring some lumps of flour and there will be it no longer scary look here water proves date on these years carbonated water children I will not press Whisk I will interfere very much quietly a little bit but in but it's into the gas just goes out but the gas to the end is not all
  • 03:39: will come out and the dough will be very air and this air in it will be stay together for two we need dosage shows we surely on our own kitchens sin that at times we fry something deep in fat until you use this, however, because all the same really oil in other types of dough is better absorbed Such is the consistency of the test but understand if the section is something in the test
  • 04:09: I need the dough from the product not to dripped off to while I bring it to the fryer we are even if I put it so closely text till therefore very easy exist way to make the dough better stuck to the fish in this case What do you think the concept of Well, dough itself glue the wings well I do not know what you think here's the fish now I'm wet to her it will adhere well to the mole and the dough. We had a recipe there that was necessary
  • 04:40: to dry for example fish then that they dry in the tanks were for her a piece napkins of a kitchen towel as there you have it I need to dry it up and put it on a napkin will discuss But it's not all yet to flourish in flour for flour very well sits down the batter and does not drain so I now will do so and so far I will put here this recipe is not here
  • 05:11: see carefully the recipe can not be never all because the movie here are the details of the secrets that are here It is necessary to look especially for specific reasons I am now writing about the career of those or other recipes, they see it all the same not all reveal the secrets I will prepare increased communicate preparing the same wooden skewers are very affordable The thing is still the right of the wounds to ask for oils for frying frying oil can be taken the usual vegetable there is what corn or olive or something
  • 05:41: there do not know what else more oil for frying should be simply refined deodorized we call oil because it is from cleaned from all impurities from all other and therefore she does not say that she always burns in oil the protein that remains in Moscow some sediments burn on the oil itself less degree of harry and now watch together with you I'll play plunge into the dough fish see well The dough is slightly drained but it is in any
  • 06:13: it is also liquid at the same time see how it will be here just now we have a beautifully calm hot truth nothing burns look like a batter bloat turns out so thin enough crust now I can already To lower it it is necessary to hold so as not to get stuck to the bottom because we in a saucepan fry I'll give you now more one you are completely alone is will do here look how beautiful true
  • 06:44: Well, how long does it take to get well ? it turned out more or less good crust golden yes, do not worry about that, and a fish to be ready inside I'm well worth it because a woman on the ship there is I can even now here somehow and so you know so it's worth it to stand alone The other one relies on him and himself also arrange as you like but preferably a little upward to develop the truth and that's crunchy it turns out but such very gently crispy because she
  • 07:19: air bubbles that are fixed already frying dough here and it turns out a very amusing effect warmly is almost transparent, that is, we we feel that there is what color there is in this crust Come my God, my God, you are rehabilitated Rehabilitated completely I will call beautifully turned cheers words like all the loss well, see we made two funny dishes with you now salad with herring with fruit I would say
  • 07:50: giving a common name and salmon in transparent crisp healthy test now i will do my thing i can go away I'm mad and your machin and the devil's panel I I wash the hands of healthy people and now Summarize the summary and tell me what did you learn today so I understood in vain and today with you here tormented in the kitchen or did I I realized that I was not in vain tormented by you
  • 08:20: the kitchen we have made two interesting where which in principle capture even in cooking process mixed somehow so unexpectedly completely grapes mandarin and herring fillet herring which turned out to be much more convenient than just Whales are cleaning something out there to mess around with it and nuts, walnuts and then another tucked you all done here such a mixture 1 to 1 sour cream and we as claims to take it very delicious salad because in it all are the same four tastes
  • 08:50: and there is which is so necessary for human life the second the dish was just awesome geese yet closer sprinkled too and emotions were enough from the side the master at us has turned out such a wonderful garnish chic had a long time would cut this is here I understand it was useful radish daikon potash on 2 not a cabin uncomfortable cut and we got basically fish salmon in the test but as it all would be fast there was a dough and we did it air because we used mineral water is carbonated and therefore
  • 09:21: we have a course of such a wonderful ham and oil and use only once today roasted so new is not a couple evaporator and what have I calmed down The heartbeat stopped because I I believe that I was not in vain tormented by you today in the kitchen because you realized and their guilt and a great meal set and those remember the secrets for which we are with you shared and keep in mind that healthy foods can be not only delicious but also
  • 09:51: unexpected than we are today you and I wish to introduce to you the eternal appetite and all the best [music]