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  • 00:00: dear friends big big hello Today we are preparing a wonderful fast and simple delicious juicy dishes from forcemeat We need minced meat here at me almost kilogram nine hundred and fifty grams minced chicken I made it from chicken thighs but also you can take such as a turkey, and can be to take in half the pork of beef in general at your discretion, mincemeat I want to add zucchini itself zucchini feel then will not but give succulence to cutlets here I have 300 grams of zucchini cleaned and cut like this
  • 00:30: pieces and now grind in a combine can also grate on a grater add salt pepper I will add shear or zucchini but this is a gruel from squash turned out to be added together with whole liquid and I want to add literally a couple tablespoons of semolina The manga will take over the excess moisture and the cutlets themselves will remain very juicy and so elastic that
  • 01:00: carefully stir everything with stir fry insist that the manga swelled well for about 15-20 minced while in the fridge prepare a batter for batter need 2 eggs hammered into the pussy In general, I want to say that the very recipe itself but in view of hearing very many friends in my own are preparing it but for some reason he avoided me its only just the other day we prepared and with the husband in full delight we are very pleased
  • 01:33: absolutely another dish is not cutlets are something between pies with meat or chebureks something and at the same time, I quickly and simply prepare myself added another 3 tablespoons with such a small top sour cream stir and now add flour flour may need a little more or a little less will focus on I give the consistency of the test first add 4 tablespoons of flour and look further
  • 02:04: maybe add a little more should get a dough like a pancake thick dough on pancakes like this see what kind of dough is produced here one side curly on the other side rather dense will not drip too much with cutlets add salt and spices if you want, you can add black pepper oregano
  • 02:35: Provencal herbs to whom they like more once we mix them for organs we get out of the refrigerator stuffing and wet hands form the cutlets will not be here such you can make someone like like more frying pan warm up well
  • 03:09: pour the vegetable oil the cutlet is sent to the dairy from all sides we pile in clary chops and carefully put on the pan and so let's do with all the cutlets so now check as soon as turn brown now so now we check how there on the other hand
  • 03:41: the situation on the other hand, too OK You can now cover the gilded ones cover and bring to readiness for little fire well, it makes sense to fry everything the cutlets are then folded form and already bring it to readiness for example in an oven it turns out deliciously delicious and very juicy dish try to cook and wholeheartedly I wish you a pleasant appetite husky subscribe to the channel before the new See you for the time being