KNITTING by SPOKES: an elastic set of loops with transition to an elastic band 2*2  See details »




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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear viewers of our channel was on video it will be how make elastic set for edge and style with dismemberment under an elastic band 2 on 2 such a plan this elastic set still called he is very Italian well stretches and
  • 00:30: keeps the form such an option very good impressive looks on products here's a cap for elastic gum we have with bend there I chose this method recruit he is very good keeps the form
  • 01:00: lays on the head while not we can pull together of course choose and classic set loops it will look like here so for compare you choose course way that like more than a van so want to draw your attention to used spokes the first row of this set 1 set we knit the most thin knitting needles
  • 01:30: which we can keep in hand one and a half to two that is, I chose one and a half I will be knit with number 3 and the main part I already have products go with knitting needles number 4 what is it done for? series the Italian way it's a bump around knitting needles and thinner sleeps especially effective with us the edge is obtained gum on a hat
  • 02:03: should be head more tightly than the main part more than pattern harnesses look more effective when the canvas is more loose so I choose such specialists and so series one and a half elastic band 3 main part caps basic pattern Needles number of prints for gum 2 to 2 and us you need to dial
  • 02:34: number of loops fold four The first loop is done about grasping a knitting needle worker and further the Italian way we the change is gripping thread is from a large finger the index then from demonstrative a large in more detail this
  • 03:05: shown video Women's set for gums 11 and alternately dialed necessary number of loops and the last loop we do as with
  • 03:37: classic set with fastening the first row The first loop is removed The next loop we have see how located as facial we bind it facial further a loop looks like Wrong what good italian set of loops that he immediately unfolds
  • 04:07: hinges one on one we have a thread before work and back loop retake to the right not knitting the spoke facial is tied up and purl perry the thread is removed before work so continue to the end number of at the end of the series
  • 05:01: you take it off purl and last loop binds facial then we tied up turn over 2 years work bind similarly to the first
  • 05:31: remove the loop that is, those in The last number of us were purl and we them reshuffled in this we have them we sew with facial loops and purl retake positioning the thread in front of work at the end of the series
  • 06:21: also like loops lie so we do that there is here penultimate retake and the last tie the principle these series if you want knit a product by circle of weights two rows can be knit working series of 3 already close work ring
  • 06:51: so the first loop reship further our loops are located Facial purl facial we need to do so to further face loop for front wall further goes the wrong one
  • 07:26: loop and the front there are loops of us alternates with one-on-one elastic band what we do we we introduce the needle as for crossed loop grab two loops we remove them from the spoke and disguise again on left spoke you deployed
  • 07:58: reversed loops and we it turns out again facial but also we are already we sew for the back wall further here followed by 2 purl loops then loop which we changed place from 1 purl we sew a noose behind the back wall second purl loop for front
  • 08:29: why is this happening why should we have one looping visa loop knit for a friend because the front what we shoot and for that they are exactly lay in the front row if we bind for another stenochku only will not lie exactly and will not be beautiful edge of the face loop for front wall we introduce the needle as for tying crossed hinges
  • 08:59: take off and dress on the left spoke changing them order first purl loops then face and on knit the face loop behind the back wall purl loop for rear wall purl loop for apron here so neatly
  • 09:32: everything works out for us we repeat work front hinge behind the front wall change position loops back facial face loop we sew for the back wall purl loop for
  • 10:05: back and faces purl loop for front and last time the end row of the front front wall change loops in places face loop
  • 10:42: behind the back wall and a purl loop for rear wall fourth row
  • 11:14: we perform knitting in the loop alternating 2 facial 2 st and if it is knitting in a circle then with of this series, we have already close our work in the ring and continue tie
  • 11:44: if there are questions ask in put comments huskies and subscribe to our channel