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  • 00:00: Hello everyone this is another kitchen project with you, I alexander friends, we recently on channel tried a great recipe
  • 00:32: dough puff yeast is done quickly generally at times two three and we are so in love that several times prepared from this test and today I have a small piece of it can be frozen and it is easy to defrost in the refrigerator imagine that is a stick help link to it on I leave the test here enjoy your health Today I decided to cook with this test lazy patties
  • 01:02: stay with us will be delicious so for recipe we need a dough 450 grams of stuffing I have 500 grams of steam bulbs can take one large floor a teaspoon of salt 3 garlic cloves and Here is such a teaspoon of the mixture peppers took it I ceiling in the mortar you You can grind fresh peppers to he's looking for 6 well, that's great, that's all I do I'll make it my own whether this is for you
  • 01:36: recipe is not kidding of course ray on the large grater we add onion so perfectly here the salt is here it is peach friends good pinch fragrant Well, there are large straight particles of pepper well this great good pizza added I do not forget garlic, I also squeezed it
  • 02:08: through the press and he is ready came mixing well good stuffing was removed slightly profit or table and roll out our pastry dough lifesaver excellent roll out into the big and thin layer now I'll show this kind of layer we got thick wherever
  • 02:39: millimeter three or four try roll out a rectangular and now such here is such a strip we cut off another beauty lay out this sausage for our dough I work without gloves it's not lethal I can afford mincemeat very fragrant seems to me a stuffing
  • 03:09: in general will be super we need to make a straight sausage that in each pies the stuffing was a lot now we'll do it all Well, now friends are easy pulling and tearing around like this long pirozhochek we get are now you will see everything Defenders enter in denser that all of us have All the juice and all the flavors stayed inside and now here's so neatly shevchik under
  • 03:41: we work with a fork seam down where you have even trimmed and now like this centimeter by 2 we cut pies but not beauty here I have a sheet prepared here lay out this kind of beauty oven I already heated 200 degrees at such
  • 04:15: temperature and will bake now beat egg and carefully lubricate our pies how much will be baked and what they taste like be sure to tell you 25 minutes have passed in our oven look what handsome men have turned out guys I'm now I'll open the window for this fragrance to come to each of you will give literally a minute cool in a bite and say how they are inside
  • 04:47: no one wants to wait for the second party pies are scattered like seeds of guys well it 's something mincemeat so gentle and here I am now you have a crunchy dough and top and from the bottom all the stuffed fragrance was baked You do not stop from the category until you all eat these patties The and agree generally lazy option rolled out blinded and cut beauty
  • 05:19: but if you even have time to cook lazy yeast dough buy in the store generally you can do The eyes of the children were glad that share with you this recipe went to put a kettle I'll go see how there are the second well, and you stay with us subscribe to our channel put your likes and share it videos in social networks disappear all bye bye
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