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Нашумевший  Торт "ДЕСПАСИТО". /Sensational Cake "DESPOSITO".

Нашумевший Торт "ДЕСПАСИТО". /Sensational Cake "DESPOSITO".  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my good I am glad of you all to see in your kitchen with Elena today decided to cook very interesting cake that I saw on the Internet on stock me interested in this cake means done very much the noise of Brazil in Argentina in general, yes, I decided, but why do not we prepare a cake they try what does he taste like and means
  • 00:31: so today I will cook Here is such an interesting cake that is called a dispositor, and how is it cook watch my videos and so we start cook as I told you I will prepare it for the first time with you then we start to prepare for this in bowl I beat 4 eggs a little bit
  • 01:02: add up I will add here sugars means 4 eggs a pinch of salt 120 grams sugar and a little bit now we are all mix with a mixer so when this is how everything increased in
  • 01:42: the volume of white eggs now means that we do take acne here from me and from 100 grams of flour add 2 tablespoons cocoa powder a tablespoon of baking powder is all right I mix and in some receptions we will
  • 02:17: introduce now to our eggs all is well and now I will be through a strainer on slightly so that our mass does not sink I'll type in a little bit like a biscuit
  • 02:47: In principle, this biscuit is ordinary. chocolate biscuit recipe is not complicated but interesting I've decided to cook and immediately share with you what happens well I think it should turn out naturally tasty biscuit impregnation cream I'll settle everything gradually and so as not to violate
  • 03:19: the airiness of the egg mass I'm like this from the bottom upwards with a shovel stirring so slightly a little slow cocoa will see
  • 03:49: when there is a little cracks and so that these little babies therefore again through Sieve flour I sift like I have already I said flour twice, I even sow it questioned and now here along with cocoa we are sifting it all out we turn on the oven to warm up
  • 04:20: somewhere around 180 degrees means while we prepare our test oven our must be warmed up so all our dough Now we are ready to take the form i a little oiled with vegetable oil and
  • 04:50: all now we pour our batter batter You need to fill the form somewhere in one the third part of the form takes the form y me here is a glass and I send the dough form is distributed according to the form we send to bake in the oven
  • 05:37: I warmed as I have said minutes at 20 25 all send the form to the oven meet later so long as my biscuits are baked I I'm preparing impregnation in warm milk here 250 milliliters of milk then I will breed and such here at
  • 06:09: me hot chocolate But you can take and naskvik in general sweet cocoa child is taken and bred in this milk I take warm milk and leave it just so she she stood up so she not hot was four teaspoons such a crust I take and it's all good dissolve
  • 06:40: because we will need this one impregnation soak our biscuit milk slightly warmed up and to have a good cocoa joined and dissolved and that it it was not hot I'll leave it here While the biscuits and our The impregnation will be at room temperature and then we will make our biscuits impregnate with our impregnation all this is the kind of impregnation we have
  • 07:29: be well of course dissolve so that there are not any here grains are still grains here but I a little bit of a solution is generally understandable, yes this is the impregnation we are all waiting for while our beckett biscuits will be baked and a little bit so cold I got it now means we we need to do it, we need it like this
  • 07:59: throughout the biscuit pierce with a toothpick I'm with the liver in general you do Here are holes all over the biscuit so that it is well soaked I made my biscuit 30 minutes but look again I say my oven because time can be for everyone different
  • 08:30: [music] and so you see the toothpick in me clean biscuit propeksya generally try that he was not wet means he then baked biscuits have cooled down I have divided into 2 here
  • 09:00: my form was not so small here but I'm in this here if you can be in ceramic just like it is very high unnecessary shish told you need to fill out for one third we still need cream somewhere to put everything on now soak well here so plentifully all the impregnation here it is here it is all go to our biscuits and so went further means until the biscuit and our
  • 09:37: persists in the impregnation, we continue to prepare our cream means that for a cream for the cream we need 300 milliliters milk means 100 grams of dry cream for whipping 150 grams of chocolate I take 70 percent here and so that was dark but how are you wish you can take 50 percent in general dark chocolate and also to us 200 grams of pudding pudding
  • 10:08: you can buy in the store but we have to Unfortunately do not sell so pudding I prepared herself chocolate pudding 200 grams and so mean chocolate we need to melt on a water bath or in the microwave to milk I now add a dry mix means cream and I will beat as continuing to beat here means to
  • 10:41: Add the chocolate and our pudding to the cream. continue to whisk all all the guys are ready to take our cream higher because everything is sprayed so you need a good high dishes all here is such here our cream now means we all connected here and chocolate and will the only thing I'm a little chocolate
  • 11:15: left for decoration poured into the package now I'll show you everything now the cream I will distribute to our biscuits and decorate on top of all the principle managed and distributed cream distributed in two forms as their
  • 11:45: Now, as I told you, here is the chocolate I I left in a bag placed by making a hole and start painting Well, how so decorated and now it is necessary I'll put it in our cold for
  • 12:15: night and tomorrow you will show what it is it turned out generally his hours by 3 by 4 all my good here is such a cake means we are with you created very tasty my already tried I too insanely delicious cake without a reason he he made a fuss about it, well, what about here there will be a tasteless juicy and delicate biscuit The soaked weighs this chocolate and plus The most delicate cream is like this tender
  • 12:46: ice cream general I recommend you mine good bake this cake and I think that he will like you too, he can not not like Well, I 'm saying goodbye to you if not signed and of course on my channel then of course, subscribe and we will prepare many interesting recipes see the new videos on my channel at I have a lot of videos on the channel can look write your comments and I say goodbye to you
  • 13:18: but as always we'll see each other for a while I love my new videos for now